One Minute Lecture: Elastic Bare Metal Server (Shenlong)


Summary:One minute will give you a comprehensive understanding of the star products of elastic computing: the background and characteristics of the birth of elastic bare metal server (Shenlong). “What problems are the dragons solving?” “What do elasticity and bare metal represent respectively?” Let’s decrypt it together.

Aliyun ECS has a star product: Elastic Bare Metal Server (Shenlong). Because of their long names and often being exposed by the media, many friends are not aware of them. Today, let’s have a brief understanding of its background and main features.

One Minute Lecture: Elastic Bare Metal Server (Shenlong)

At present, Shenlong is mainly aimed at enterprise customers with high performance and security requirements. Let’s take a look at the troubles of the Internet business of these big companies before.

Traditional Physical Machine: Performance is inherently strong, flexibility is inherently cool

Some customers prefer to use physical machines in the cloud in pursuit of extreme performance. Compared with virtual machines, physical machines have no virtualization loss and more powerful performance, but there are many pits: slow deployment cycle, complex operation and maintenance, rigid architecture and so on.

Some cloud-based physical machine operations and maintenance delivery involves a large number of human flesh operations, product flexibility deviates from the original intention of cloud computing, may be called “physical server hosting” more appropriate. Because it can’t be operated and maintained automatically, the elasticity can’t be well reflected, and once the physical machine goes down, the stability can’t be well guaranteed.

One Minute Lecture: Elastic Bare Metal Server (Shenlong)

Virtual Machine Appearance + Physical Machine Heart = Dragon

The full name of Shenlong is elastic bare metal server. Elasticity represents the flexibility of virtual machines, while bare metal means the extreme performance and security isolation of physical machines. The problem solved by the Dragon Architecture is to have both.

One Minute Lecture: Elastic Bare Metal Server (Shenlong)

Four Characteristics of the Dragon

Take a look at the four main features of Shenlong: extreme performance, minute delivery, cloud compatibility, encryption computing.

Extreme performance:Like physical machines, customer resources are exclusive, without sharing CPU, memory, etc. with other customers, performance can be fully exploited.

By the way, Shenlong also has the ability to re-virtualize. The proprietary cloud under the customer line can move seamlessly to Shenlong without the problem of nested virtualization. Play a variety of ways, move with your heart.

Minute delivery:In terms of operational management and control, Shenlong and other ECS products are in line. Minute delivery can also meet the needs of high-performance flexibility of enterprises.

Cloud compatibility:Interconnect with Aliyun cloud products, such as ECS, VPC, SLB, RDS, EIP and so on.

Encrypted computing:In addition to physical isolation, Shenlong also uses a chip-level trusted execution environment (Intel SGX). Ensure that encrypted data can only be computed in a secure and trusted environment. This is hardware-level encryption, and its trust root is based on processor chips, not on underlying software protection, which has high reliability. At present, Aliyun is the only public cloud service provider providing this technology in China.

At present, the service of Shenlong is mainly for enterprise customers who have extremely high performance and security requirements for cloud products. With the development of cloud computing, customers’need for extreme security and physical isolation will gradually become a common requirement. At that time, the Dragon Architecture may dominate the computing needs of the next generation.

Finally, there must be some friends who are curious about how the Dragon Architecture is actually implemented. For more information, please visit the special session of the Yunqi Conference on Elastic Computing and Dragon Architecture.

September 19: AM 9:00-12:00 Elastic Computing Specialty (top), PM 01:30-05:30 Elastic Computing Specialty (bottom).

September 20: AM 9:00-12:00 Shenlong Architecture Technical Speciality.

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