One click load GitHub project to online ide to read open source code


Modern programmers, no matter the front-end, mobile end, back-end or even some UI and products are heavy users of GitHub. In product design, architecture design, technology selection, looking for technical solutions for a specific function and other scenarios, GitHub is a good channel. Indeed, in many cases, they can find the wheel made by others to improve the efficiency of project development.

Improve evaluation efficiency

As mentioned above, after finding the wheel, the commercial project will not make a hasty decision to start the wheel immediately, but will find several different wheels to evaluate. Generally, the first choice is to download the zip source code or git clone to read locally. If you want to re read and learn these time costs, it is worth it. However, the light reading evaluation is a little complicated Trivial, low efficiency. I found a good tool gitpod these days. Let’s share the following two screenshots:

One click load GitHub project to online ide to read open source code

By clicking the gitpod button, you can directly load the project into the online IDE and open it. You can read it directly. After a simple trial, it supports the mainstream programming language

One click load GitHub project to online ide to read open source code


Official website:

It’s easy to use. Open the official website, click the start to use button, log in through GitHub authorization, and then install the following Google browser plug-in…

After that, a gitpod button will be loaded next to all GitHub download buttons, and you can click it to use it. Because the kernel is the web version of vs code, you can start quickly and have a good experience

The disadvantage is that when the server is abroad, it is slow to open its subdirectories, which is not very smooth. In addition, it is found that there is no open source, so there is no way to do privatization deployment, so you can take time to pay attention to it later.

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