“One bottle, one certificate” anti-counterfeiting traceability, Tencent security leader and Centennial Changyu reach strategic cooperation


Fake and shoddy goods can be called a worldwide problem, especially for high-value goods such as wine, it is difficult to escape the risk of being counterfeited. Consumers have doubts about the “true” and “fake”, and regular brands suffer from it. How can such problems be solved?

On July 30, Tencent security leader blockchain announced the strategic cooperation with Centennial Changyu. Ling Wen, vice governor of Shandong Province, Chen Fei, mayor of Yantai City, Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu Group, Sun Jian, general manager of Changyu Group, Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent group, and Shen Zixi, general manager of Tencent, attended the conference.

Based on Tencent cloud platform and Lingyu blockchain technology, both sides will help Changyu build a high-end wine blockchain traceability platform. In the early stage, it mainly produced seven wineries, based on the “one thing, one code” anti-counterfeiting system, and at the same time got through the Changyu brand app, and used the blockchain anti tampering attribute,To realize the chain tracing of the whole process information of 4 million bottles of Chateau wine, help Changyu Wine to get through the two-way mechanism of “authenticity” of consumers and “anti-counterfeiting” of enterprises, and realize the upgrading of brand safety management system.

The whole process of information on the chain to solve the problem of wine anti-counterfeiting traceability

Because of the strong circulation of Alcoholic Commodities, illegal traders are easy to make use of loopholes and information asymmetry in various links of the commodity chain to make fake and inferior commodities as inferior ones. Therefore, the establishment of traceability system is the top priority of anti-counterfeiting work in liquor enterprises.

However, the focus of the traditional traceability system, information island, low credibility, malicious fleeing and other pain points have been criticized by brand owners and consumers. On the one hand, there is a lot of interaction and cooperation between the main bodies of the commodity circulation link. Due to the opaque and non smooth information, it is difficult for the participants in the chain to accurately understand the status and problems of relevant matters; on the other hand, some participants may usurp the account books or falsely claim that information is lost due to some reasons, or even deny or shirk responsibility It is difficult to provide evidence and pursue responsibility.

In order to solve these problems, Tencent security led the blockchain traceability scheme for Changyu, providing a new trust mechanism different from the centralized data storage of the traditional traceability system. According to the generation and use process of data traceability, it manages the data traceability information with traceability and anti tampering. At the same time, the blockchain code ID of each batch / product is unique, and the platform carries out digital for each information Signature, create a unique “ID card”, and ultimately realize the whole life cycle management of commodities from production, circulation to consumption.

Deepening the application of anti-counterfeiting and traceability of blockchain to help enterprises upgrade their brand safety management system

Based on the blockchain traceability service platform created by Tencent security leading blockchain, Changyu Wine commodities are marked with “one thing, one code”, and the information of the whole process flow is written into the blockchain, which facilitates enterprises to understand the whole process of product circulation to the greatest extent, monitor relevant data information, optimize channel management, improve supply chain efficiency, and save logistics costs. Consumers can also quickly judge the authenticity of products by scanning wechat, so as to buy more at ease.

In the aspect of brand safety construction, through Tencent security leading blockchain traceability service platform, enterprises can clearly control the information of all links of production and circulation, trace the flow direction, and prevent fleeing goods; discover, perceive, block and trace the malicious counterfeiting behavior in the first time, and put an end to malicious tampering by insiders; timely recall of defective products to avoid the flow of fake and shoddy products to the market and affect the brand in the hearts of consumers The image in the eye.

In addition, relying on the ecological advantages of Tencent cloud platform, Tencent security leader blockchain will deploy Changyu blockchain traceability alliance chain, which is more expansible. In the later stage, it can increase as needed with business expansion to realize the online traceability of Changyu Wine, brandy, imported wine and other full series of products; at the same time, it will deploy alliance chain nodes for the production and circulation supervision of wine products in various regions to realize The supervision of nodes in the chain can promote the brand credibility and brand value of Changyu Wine.

Tencent has been paying attention to blockchain technology since 2015 and has carried out independent research and development. After five years of development, Tencent has formed a series of layout from theoretical research to technology layer, platform layer, scene application and industrial ecology. This time, Tencent security led the cooperation with Changyu for one hundred years to establish the first domestic high-end wine blockchain traceability system, which is also of great significance for building domestic wine traceability ecology and promoting the development of high-end wine traceability industry standards.

In terms of digital city construction, Tencent has built a “credible” urban solution, providing support for government credit, business services, judicial system, social welfare and other fields. Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent, said: “the digital economy is moving towards a new era with new infrastructure as strategic support, data as the key element, and industrial Internet as a high-level dimension. As one of the new technology infrastructure, blockchain will take advantage of the development of industrial Internet to rapidly implement. Tencent is looking forward to working with partners such as Changyu to extend blockchain technology to more fields, and join forces with industrial chain ecological partners to jointly help build a credible city. “