One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing


Fast forward to the end of the year, what new understanding do you have in MongoDB related technical practice this year? You might as well seize the small tail of 2021, take a look at your ideas, and record and share some of your technical practices and applications using MongoDB.

Notice: In order to invite more users and friends to share their own practices and insights, the deadline for the collection of MongoDB technical practice and application cases originally scheduled to end on November 30, 2021 has been extended to December 20, 2021.

Welcome all MongoDB users and friends to share your experience and understanding of MongoDB technology and application practice, gain more insights in sorting and recording, get to know colleagues in technology sharing, and gain more opportunities for learning, communication and development.

The community will include more practical experience and application cases of MongoDB technology, share technical practice with community users, promote technology dissemination and exchange, provide technical application reference for more MongoDB database users, and provide a sharing platform for MongoDB users participating in the call for papers. Build your own personal brand in the MongoDB technology circle and create more opportunities for communication, learning and display.

  • Friends who have submitted manuscripts, if you need to further revise and improve the manuscript, you can send the updated version to Xiaomango before December 20~

【Key points of collection activities】

activity theme:

MongoDB technical practice and application case collection activities

Collection scope:

  1. MongoDB database application scenarios and industry application cases

Reference for application scenarios and case sharing elements: business background, reasons for selection, related functions, application technologies, solutions, and results.

  1. MongoDB technology application and practice

The MongoDB application technology practice of the company or industry in a certain demand scenario, the technical challenges and solutions encountered in the process of using the MongoDB database, such as: performance optimization, development skills, operation and maintenance management, stress testing, and combination with other ecological technologies Wait.

  1. MongoDB new function application practice

Including but not limited to: update enhancement, unionWith, wildCardIndex, merge aggregate, Refinable Shard Keys, Compound Hashed Shard Keys, Hedged Reads, time series collection, real-time resharding, versioned API, etc.

[Submission request]

  1. The content does not violate laws, regulations, rules and normative documents;
  2. The content must be related to MongoDB;
  3. The content must be original, and plagiarism or copying is strictly prohibited;
  4. The content is clear and easy to understand, the information is detailed and accurate, and there is depth;
  5. There is no limit to the number of manuscripts submitted by the same author, but the same content cannot be submitted repeatedly, and the submitted content has not been published before;
  6. The content can be authorized for the first release and publicity through the MongoDB Chinese community channel. If the content is first published in other channels, the award will be disqualified.

【Collection activity process and time node】

Collection time:October 13, 2021 – December 20, 2021

Review time:December 21, 2021 – December 30, 2021

Judging Criteria:The solutions proposed for the key and difficult problems in the digital and intelligent construction of the company or industry are innovative in concept, method and specific promotion process; the application, experience and skills are representative, and are of great significance to the development of other companies and industries. Inspiration, application value

Judges:Tang Jianfa, Kong Deyu, Li Dan, Xu Lei, Chen Liangliang, Guo Yuanwei, Tang Zhuozhang

Awards announcement time:December 22, 2021

In-depth user interview:From December 20, 2021

Inventory case announcement:After December 20, 2021, community websites and self-media channels will successively release corresponding, and compile the MongoDB case library.

【Registration and consultation method】

  1. Submit your manuscript to this link:

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

Long press to scan the QR code

Go to the manuscript submission page

  1. Community assistant Xiao Mango (WeChat ID: mongoingcom) can be added for consultation.

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

Long press to scan the QR code

Add Little Mango WeChat to get a free discount code

  1. Examples of past collections of articles:

2020 Best Case Sharing | MongoDB Read-Write Separation Exception Case Analysis

Best case sharing in 2019 | OPPO million-level high-concurrency MongoDB cluster performance dozens of times improved optimization practice

Award-winning article sharing | MongoDB technology from 0 to 1+

Award-winning article sharing | How to use MongoDB GridFS

【Rewards and Incentive Settings】

Why participate in the call for cases:

The conference will invite MongoDB experts to review, issue certificates and prizes to the finalists, and provide a small gift to all users who participate in the solicitation;

Included in the MongoDB Chinese community for publication, case push exposure, and case display space for enterprises and individual users;

The winners of the best application cases will be invited to share at the technical conference, and the shortlisted members who participate in the case collection will form a VIP exchange group. When encountering problems in the process of using MongoDB, they will be given priority to obtain the support of community experts, and provide exchange, learning and cooperation support in the community.

prize settings:

Best application case 1:Huawei Matepad11 Tablet PC + MongoDB Chinese Community Package + Trophy

3 outstanding cases: ikbc wireless mechanical keyboard + MongoDB Chinese community package + award certificate

Several shortlisted cases:MongoDB Chinese Community Package + Award Certificate

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

  • The MongoDB Chinese community gift package includes: MongoDB custom backpack + mug + partner gift blind box, tablet computer and mechanical keyboard can be exchanged for JD shopping coupons;

All winners and shortlisted friends will be invited to join the MongoDB core user communication group. Questions and exchanges will be given priority response, and they will enjoy more opportunities for exchange, learning and display.

Introducing the judges

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingTang Jianfa

Rotating Chairman of MongoDB Chinese Community, Member of Standing Committee

Founder of Tapdata, former Chief Architect of MongoDB Greater China

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingKong Deyu

Co-chair of MongoDB Chinese Community Content

HUAWEI CLOUD MongoDB Architect

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingLi Dan

Member of MongoDB Chinese Community Standing Committee, Chairman of Beijing Branch

More than ten years of full-time database experience

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingXu Lei

Co-chair of MongoDB Chinese Community Training

Lecturer at Alibaba Cloud University, Alibaba Cloud Technical Expert

Translator of MongoDB in Action 2nd Edition

Chen Liangliang

Chairman of MongoDB Chinese Community Nanjing Branch

Envision Energy Group Database Architect

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingGuo Yuanwei

Chairman of MongoDB Chinese Community Changsha Branch

Senior Big Data Architect, Author of "Big Data Storage MongoDB Practical Guide"

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processingTang Dynasty

Member of the MongoDB Chinese Community Bureau

Author of "MongoDB Advanced and Actual Combat"

HUAWEI CLOUD Senior Engineer

event organizer

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

MongoDB Chinese Community ( was established in 2014 and is an officially recognized Chinese community in Greater China. With the continuous efforts of community volunteers, it now has more than 20,000 online and offline members. The Chinese community consists of blogs, offline activities, technical Q&A, community, official document translation and other sections. As of 2020, the community has successfully held dozens of offline events with more than 100 people, published hundreds of high-quality articles on MongoDB applications, and has more than 20 related cooperative units. The vision of the Chinese community is: to create an active mutual assistance platform for the majority of MongoDB Chinese fans; to promote MongoDB as the first choice for enterprise database applications; to gather MongoDB development, database, operation and maintenance experts to create the most authoritative technical community.

Mongoing Chinese Community Official Account: mongoing – mongoing

Mongoing Chinese Community

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One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

MongoDB is the world's leading modern general-purpose data platform designed to empower developers and the applications they build to unlock the potential of software and data. Headquartered in New York, it has more than 2,100 employees in more than 40 offices around the world. MongoDB has more than 20,200 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has 18,000 Atlas customers and more than 2,000,000 Atlas free users. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded more than 125 million times, and the cumulative global registered users of MongoDB University have exceeded 1.5 million.
MongoDB official website

One article to understand MongoDB transaction processing

Tapdata is a real-time ETL and data service platform tool based on MongoDB. Our products can help companies that lack professional data engineers to provide productized data solutions. Real-time two-way data synchronization + simple data governance and modeling + no-code API service delivery + 100 TB sub-second performance, whether you are building a unified data platform for your customers, or building an enterprise-level spanning BU In the data center, Tapdata can provide you with an effective technical solution that can be implemented quickly at a lower cost.

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