Once again, I came to a strange city alone, because I was young, I had no choice!


After staying in Xi’an for two years, I finally decided to force myself to resign, attend the wedding of my college roommate, move, travel, find a job and find a house. It seems that if I don’t try something once, I will regret it for a lifetime.
It’s not without worries before starting. I think of a strange city and a strange environment. I don’t know anyone. Whether I can survive is a problem. Finally, on the contrary, I’m still young. Shouldn’t I fight?
I’ve been interviewing recently. Many interviewers will ask the question “are your family or friends here?”, When I said “no”, they were surprised. In fact, they wanted to challenge themselves.
Be brave once, at least once!
If there is no accident, I will start next Monday. I entered the first company I interviewed in Guangzhou. I hope the future will be better and better. The road ahead is unknown. Do my best.

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