On the stock operation of tool app from the perspective of accounting software


With the development of mobile Internet, there are more and more kinds of apps, and some tool apps have weak growth, which is difficult to achieve long-term growth. Only by improving the retention time of users and realizing the realization of flow realization, can it continue to develop in the fierce market competition.

Features of tool app:

  1. Strong substitutability;

  2. Users can’t use it, and the product is not easy to use;

  3. Run away after use, poor user stickiness and easy loss;

“Good products come from operation”. If tool app wants to break the game, it must let the operation force, make the products flesh and blood and temperature, cultivate users’ use habits and improve users’ stickiness.

Take accounting software as an example to see how tool products operate and improve user activity!

  1. Understand tool usage scenarios and use scenario based operation thinking

There are two elements that enable users to use tool products: the use requirements and the use scenarios. As a tool product, you must always ask users what kind of scenario they will want to open your product. This specific scenario is the basis of operation.

Bookkeeping products, first of all, let users write down bills quickly and conveniently, optimize the process from taking out their mobile phone to opening bookkeeping software to recording revenue and expenditure in various scenarios, and second, meet users’ various needs for bookkeeping. For example, a bookkeeping app provides various scene ledgers such as catering, tourism and transportation to help users classify bookkeeping and better understand revenue and expenditure.

  1. The first essence of tool products is that users can use them

There are two things that operators need to do:

First, value transfer: what specific problems can this tool help users solve.

Second, tell users how to use it: only when they know how to use it, users will feel the unique value brought by the product.

A billing app will provide novice guidance in the application when new users use the product for the first time. After each new version is released and launched, it will also launch a tutorial on the use of new functions to help users learn to use the software. This is a good tool product operation process.

  1. Manufacturing operation points through additional functions to improve product stickiness

When the product itself has no place to operate, we can promote the product to manufacture operation points, so that the product is not just a dry tool, but becomes flesh and blood through additional function points.

At present, most bookkeeping products in the market adopt the “bookkeeping + financial management” mode to meet the deep-seated needs of users, prolong users’ online time and enhance users’ stickiness to a certain extent. Some new bookkeeping products launch various cartoon stickers, scenes and virtual character interaction to make bookkeeping more interesting and increase users’ retention time.

  1. Skillfully use third-party data operation services to strengthen the connection between products and users

The operation of tool app is based on user insight and user touch ability. Therefore, with the help of third-party data operation services, it has become a shortcut to quickly realize refined user operation. Huawei analyzes the intelligent operation capability of the service, skillfully uses data tags, accurately screens the target population, and can conduct intelligent touch in different operation scenarios such as novice guidance, loss recall and payment conversion, so as to maintain communication with users and improve the user experience.

For example, an accounting app mentioned earlier not only guides new registered users in the application, but also complements touch with the help of the accurate crowd push ability of intelligent operation, so that users can get familiar with and use core functions faster and improve the retention of new users.

*Intelligent operation activity process

While making the functions of tool products extremely easy to use, they also need to rely on operation and improve the user experience by establishing a perfect user operation system. With the help of the integrated data intelligent operation platform of Huawei’s analysis services, taking users as the center, data + intelligence can improve the product operation capability, which can help app achieve double growth of users and market.

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