On the problem of MacOS system using GoLand and other ide debug failure


MacOS system debugs with GoLand and other IDE, debugserver or lldb server not found: install Xcode’s command line tools or lldb server


The author’s notebook environment is MacOS, using “GoLand” IDE, unable to debug the code, and reported an error:could not launch process: debugserver or lldb-server not found: install XCode's command line tools or lldb-server


1. You can open “terminal” first to input:xcode-select --install, wait for the installation to complete, you can solve the problem
2. If the above method can’t be downloaded automatically and an error is reported (the author just failed to install, indicating that it already exists or some other reason, but I didn’t install it clearly)!!! )You can go by yourself https://developer.apple.com/download/more/ Manually download the installation.
On the left, enter command line tools and select the one corresponding to your Xcode version.


My Xcode is 12.0.1, so I choose command line tools for xcode12. After downloading and installing, you can debug normally!

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