Old programmers are restrained by new programmers? Let’s see what the Daniel programmer said~


This time I took the time to participate in a local offline salon in Shenzhen. When I went, the activity had begun. Shortly after I sat down, I heard a new programmer ask an old programmer a question, which aroused heated discussion.

The problem of young programmers is like this. He said that new technologies are updated too frequently, and a new framework will appear in two or three years. For example, struts, which was very popular in the early years, said that it was eliminated. It was not easy to master spring. Now there are spring boot and spring cloud frameworks, which can’t learn at all.

Then, as an old programmer and a new programmer, they stand on the same level when facing new technology, but it is obvious that new programmers have more energy and strong learning enthusiasm. What are the advantages of old programmers?

I feel it. Isn’t that why new programmers want to take pictures of old programmers on the beach?


It is estimated that the front-end developers will spit out old blood when they see this problem. The replacement of the front-end framework is called a rocket speed. Today, I’m still in angularjs. Tomorrow, a react will appear suddenly. When react is about to master, Vue fires in the market, and the latest version is often incompatible in the future. Pit X. To be proficient in all frameworks, it is really impossible for every programmer.


If you really follow what the new programmer said, the old programmer has not been eliminated long ago. Why is the salary of the old programmer on the market several times higher than that of the new programmer? Is HR cerebral palsy.

In fact, this is not the case.

Take recruitment as an example. We often see that the interview conditions will say that more than 2 / 3 years of development experience, and the background of XX industry is preferred. That is to say, the interview always requires more than years of development experience. What kind of ability is required? It can be said responsibly that this ability is the ability to solve problems.

The ability of old programs to solve problems is n times stronger than that of new programmers. During the development process of new programmers, they suddenly encounter a problem and get stuck. It may be stuck for a day or two. When he takes this problem to ask the old programmer, the old programmer may take a glance and say how to try, and the problem will be solved.

For example, it’s easy for you to master java development skills after learning python. I believe it’s easy for you to learn Python skills after learning it. Language and technology are just tools. Its essence is to solve problems. When you have a solution in your mind, in fact, only grammar is left.

As for how to implement it and what language to use, it’s just a skill.

Especially when there are problems in production, a powerful programmer has to top n programmers. Programmers who solve production problems have to face super pressure, super complex situations and the ability to quickly locate problems. These abilities can not be accumulated overnight. They are accumulated after climbing out of one pit after another.

After all, programmers are still a brain burning industry. Without a few years of accumulation, it is difficult to become a sophisticated and mature development engineer.

This is about old programmers who work hard in general. It does not rule out that some old programmers have worked for a day and repeated for three years. It does not include many fierce young programmers who have just graduated. This is a comparison of ordinary programmers.


Some suggestions for programmers:

In the first three years after graduation, give priority to comprehensively improve their skills and quickly respond to the ability to complete the work. Work actively, report actively after each work is completed, and ask leaders for more challenging work. The heavier the work burden, the faster the growth.

Programmers three years after graduation had better determine an industry direction and settle down. An excellent architect must be proficient in business and technology at the same time. Only when he is proficient in general business and technology at the same time can he design an efficient, scalable, stable and suitable technical architecture for the development of the company.

For programmers who have graduated for about three years, the focus is to find an industry they like to settle down, find a piece of technology they like, and dig through.

Six years after graduation, if you change industries everywhere in the six years after graduation, and there is not much precipitation in technology, your competitiveness will be smaller and smaller after six years. Within six years of graduation, that is, most people are under the age of 30, your career has risen sharply. It is normal to double your salary every year in previous years.

But six years later, that is, after the age of 30, your energy must be scattered due to various reasons. At the same time, it takes longer and longer to stay up late to recover. If you don’t establish your competitiveness, your career will not be easy to go in the future.

Therefore, both old programmers and new programmers have their own advantages. Young programmers have time and energy, and old programmers have industry and technology accumulation. With the guidance of old procedures, the growth of new procedures will be faster; Without the addition of new members, there is no tomorrow for Chinese IT people.

Finally, welcome new programmers to take pictures of us on the beach, so that Chinese it will have more hope.

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