Official | solicit construction cases of flutter desktop applications


Dear community members, Hello!

Google flutter team wants to know about the desktop applications built by developers using flutter, so as to improve the test coverage of flutter desktop, and invite everyone to submit solicitation and feedback in the form of forms. The primary consideration of this solicitation is the application specially designed for the desktop (whether there is a mobile version or not). Unless you express your willingness to be displayed and publicized in the solicitation form, the flutter team will keep your submission confidential.

The information in the solicitation form includes:

  • Application name
  • Product function description (optional)
  • Build and distribute for which platforms (windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.)
  • Application type (internal, external, demo, etc.)
  • Screenshot or run video (optional)
  • Application download / open source warehouse address (optional)
  • Share your desktop build experience, feedback and email address with the fleet team (optional)

It is recommended to use English or translation tools to translate into English to fill in the solicitation form. Please scan the picture below to identify the QR code, orclick here Fill out the form.

Official | solicit construction cases of flutter desktop applications

Thank you for your time!