Official publicity FISCO bcos joined the “national team” and became the first domestic bottom technology platform of BSN


On December 1, 2019, the first blockchain Service Network Partner Conference and the launching ceremony of the blockchain service network to help social governance and urban brain City platform pilot, hosted by the national information center and hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People’s government and China Mobile Communications Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd., was held in Hangzhou. The conference held in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development of blockchain service network (BSN) and the use of BSN for urban governance.

At the meeting, BSN introduced FISCO bcos as one of the two alliance chain bottom platforms it adapts to, which also means that FISCO bcos has become the only domestic alliance chain bottom platform in BSN at present.

Official publicity FISCO bcos joined the

“National team” led by the national information center enters the site to promote the construction of public infrastructure at the bottom of the blockchain

In recent years, as a pioneer of blockchain research, China has made many obvious achievements. However, in the practical level, users in various industries often face difficulties such as high cost of chain formation, heterogeneous underlying platforms, and the inability of data interaction in the process of applying blockchain technology. In other words, promoting the construction of public infrastructure at the bottom of the blockchain has become the key to the development of the digital economy.

In view of this, on October 15, the China blockchain service network (BSN), which is top-level planned by the National Information Center, was officially launched for internal testing. BSN aims to build a cross public network, cross regional and cross institutional blockchain service infrastructure platform. It is a global infrastructure network based on blockchain technology and consensus trust mechanism jointly sponsored by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay and jujube technology.

Tan min, Secretary General of BSN development alliance, pointed out that “BSN is committed to changing the high cost of current alliance chain applications, providing developers with a public blockchain resource environment based on the Internet concept, relying on existing network resources and data centers in various provinces and cities, establishing urban public nodes throughout the country, and forming a blockchain service platform serving the whole country.”

BSN can greatly reduce the development, deployment, operation and maintenance, interworking and supervision costs of blockchain applications through unified operation and maintenance mechanism, unified key system and one-stop supervision of regulatory authorities, and solve the inherent problems of “high chain forming cost, high technical threshold and high supervision difficulty” in the blockchain industry. It is the infrastructure and support for the development of digital economy and smart city in China Support the new engine of rapid development of digital governance, digital finance and digital industry.

Official publicity FISCO bcos joined the

The development and deployment of BSN application brings a lot of convenience to each role
(table based on BSN public information)

It is worth noting that as the first blockchain service platform led by the “national team”, the network deployment of BSN has made rapid progress. At present, the network deployment of 25 cities in the world, including Hong Kong and Singapore, has been completed, and another 30 cities are in the process of deployment, and it is planned to complete the deployment of 200 urban nodes by 2020.

The largest domestic alliance chain open source ecosystem helps BSN develop FISCO bcos as its first domestic bottom technology platform

In response to national policies, BSN is promoted as the national strategy and the “along the road” information infrastructure construction progress, the BSN underlying framework technology and the Chinese enterprises’ independent innovation based on the block chain technology. BSN will introduce the first FISCO BCOS, which is independently developed by the domestic enterprises, fully controlled, and completely open to the outside world, as one of the two largest alliance chain platforms. After that, application developers of BSN can choose FISCO bcos to develop and deploy blockchain applications.

FISCO bcos is jointly built by the open source working group of jinlianmeng and has been fully open-source since 2017. Members of the working group include Boyan technology, Huawei, shenzhengtong, Shenzhou information, Sifang Jingchuang, Tencent, Weizhong bank, Yibi technology, Yuexiu Jinke and other members of the gold chain alliance. After two years of development, FISCO bcos open source ecosystem has gathered tens of thousands of individual developers, more than 500 institutions and enterprises, and has more than 60 applications in different fields such as government affairs, finance, public welfare, copyright, supply chain, education, etc., which has developed into the largest and most active domestic alliance chain open source ecosystem.

On the 2019 trusted blockchain evaluation list of China Academy of communications, FISCO bcos was awarded two authoritative certificates of function test and performance test with 100% passing rate. In the environment of multiple rigorous performance tests, the single chain TPS of FISCO bcos is more than 20000, and it always keeps zero error operation.

As the bottom technology platform of blockchain independently innovated by domestic enterprises, FISCO bcos has carried out a series of friendly designs in accordance with China’s local conditions: it has built a complete national secret algorithm system and supported all the standards of national secret SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, etc.; it has built a complete set of regulatory solutions to achieve penetration regulation, all the data can be regulated, audited and traceable; it supports scenario privacy protection Security, its one-stop privacy protection solution, provides full cycle sensitive data privacy protection, and supports zero knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption algorithm.

FISCO bcos will continue to tackle the key core technologies of blockchain and accelerate the application of government administration, social governance, financial services and other fields related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. I believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, BSN can promote the value transformation and Capacity Upgrading of the Internet, become the information infrastructure of the national economic global development strategy, and provide a solid guarantee for the construction of smart cities and the development of digital economy in China.

FISCO bcos is a fully open-source alliance blockchain underlying technology platform, which is built by the open-source working group established by the financial blockchain cooperation alliance (Shenzhen) (referred to as golden chain alliance). Members of the open source working group include Boyan technology, Huawei, shenzhengtong, digital China, Sifang Jingchuang, Tencent, Weizhong bank, Yibi technology, Yuexiu Jinke and other members of the gold chain alliance.
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