Official course of redis


Programming with redis
A complete list of commands implemented by redis, as well as a complete document for each command.
Pipeline: learn how to send multiple commands at a time to save round trip time.
Redis pub / sub: redis is a fast and stable publish / subscribe messaging system! Look at this.
Redis Lua script: redis Lua script function document.
Debugging Lua script: redis 3.2 introduces a native Lua debugger for redis scripts.
Memory optimization: learn how redis uses ram and learn some tips to reduce RAM usage.
Expiration: redis allows you to set a different lifetime for each key so that the key is automatically removed from the server when it expires.
Redis as LRU cache: how to configure and use redis as a cache with fixed amount of memory and automatic key expulsion.
Redis transaction: commands can be grouped together to execute them as a single transaction.
Massive data insertion: how to add a large number of pre-existing or generated data to the redis instance in a short time.
Partition: how to distribute data among multiple redis instances.
Distributed lock: use redis to implement distributed lock manager.
Redis keyspace notification: get notification of keyspace events through pub / sub (redis 2.8 or later).
Create secondary index with redis: create secondary index with redis data structure, combine index and traverse graph.