Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on the 21st to open spot trading!


Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on June 21 to open spot trading! The main network will be officially launched on June 21. At present, mining is the earliest participant of swarm, and the income is expected to be very considerable.

According to official news, Ethereum storage project Swarm (BZZ) announced that it will distribute all tokens except coinlist public offering and airdrop on June 21. Swarm said that the distribution of tokens includes seed round and private round, and coinlist public offering participants will get tokens before and after August 2. Previously, swarm will open a public offering on coinlist on June 15, and launch its main network on June 21.
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Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on the 21st to open spot trading!

Ethereum swarm main network will be officially launched on June 21! The latest swarm client, named “bee 1.0 candidate”, has been released. The main network of swarm will be officially launched on June 21!

Swarm is a decentralized storage and communication system for power digital society, which is composed of peer-to-peer network nodes and can create decentralized storage and communication services. Due to the built-in incentive system of smart contract execution on Ethereum blockchain, the system can realize self operation economically.

Swarm network is composed of numerous nodes, decentralized storage and traffic distribution system, creating a never stop, zero failure and anti review, efficient point-to-point storage and CDN solution. The storage, bandwidth and computing resources of these nodes will be used to support the decentralized applications based on Ethereum ecology and even the future Internet.

Swarm literally means “bee colony”, which means small and fast. Swarm has a passion for “bee colony”. Its latest client is named bee, and the token BZZ also simulates the sound of bees flying. Mining machine docking vaacd314

Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on the 21st to open spot trading!

Swarm uses smart contract to realize traffic incentive. The incentive system is built around swap, guarantee and swindle.

In essence, it is to establish a trust relationship for bandwidth exchange, so that nodes can help other nodes to receive or send information to other nodes like middleman. The simplest understanding is that there are three nodes a, B and C. Whether a wants to send something to C or C feeds it back to a, there is a high probability that it will be forwarded by B. For example: how does node a have direct contact with each other? This requires the middle. There can be only one B or many B1, B2, B (n + 1).

Therefore, swarm relies on this model to upload and download. If a wants to download something and sends a request, but B or B (n + 1) doesn’t, then B or B (n + 1) forwards it. Coincidentally, C has it. At this time, C will send back the block according to the original path. The same goes for uploading.

Swap: the exchange contract records the bandwidth usage, compensates the nodes providing content services, and promotes the popular content to be spread more widely and obtained more quickly.

Sweet: ensure that the contract process long-term storage, while allowing nodes to sell their storage space, it also allows users to store data reliably for a long time on swarm.

Swindle: a fraudulent contract consists of a litigation engine for dispute resolution, which is a candidate for status adjudication in the system.

What is swarm? What problems can it solve?

Swarm is a peer-to-peer network that can provide centralized decentralized storage and communication services. The built-in incentive system can ensure the economic sustainability of swarm, and the incentive system is implemented through Ethereum blockchain and BZZ token.

Swarm promotes information freedom in response to the growing demand for network security. Swarm solves the problem of decentralized incentive storage. This means that node operators will be rewarded to keep the network healthy and running perfectly. As for use cases: press freedom, scalable DAPP hosting, and truly decentralized social media platforms are all within reach. Mining machine docking vaacd314

Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on the 21st to open spot trading!

Who are the target users of swarm? What kind of interaction do these users have on your platform?

Swarm is an underlying infrastructure project designed to be the foundation for a re decentralized Internet. This is a project involving all mankind. Because swarm aims to solve one of the biggest problems facing the Internet today.

Storage costs have always been one of the biggest burdens for content and application developers. Yes, anyone can create a blog to express their opinions in global debates, but as content becomes more popular, the cost will rise until the original creators can no longer express their opinions. In Web 2.0, this problem is solved in a way that is not the best for users: big companies pay for storage and bandwidth, and in return, they require data.

Users’ data is finally sold in the data market, making huge profits for companies that control bandwidth and storage capacity. Privacy is excluded, and companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google get the rights. People become their products, and users’ personal data is sold to marketing and research companies. In return, users get free services like Facebook and Google.

With Web3, new paradigms and economies are possible. But before establishing a reliable and distributed storage system, even Web3 DAPP needs to store data in a centralized control environment.

Swarm’s mission is to provide such a solution for web 3. Users can decide whether to keep their data confidential, sell it in the data market, or donate it to research institutions of their own choice. Because storage and bandwidth are not paid for by developers / content creators, they can focus on creating good content and services, which can be quickly adopted. Mining machine docking vaacd314

Official announcement: swarm will distribute token BZZ on the 21st to open spot trading!

To sum up, swarm, as one of the core protocols of Ethereum, is the first blockchain project to realize decentralized traffic distribution incentive. By Ethereum founder V God and Boca founder Gavin wood and other technology God personally operate, its gold content is self-evident. Combined with the first mover advantage of Ethereum’s application ecology, swarm’s future prospects are unlimited.