Oeasy teaches you to play with the management application aptitude of linux010210


What did we talk about in the last part??

  • Download and run Hollywood
sudo apt update
  • View all installed packages
#Dpkg deiban local package management
dpkg --list
#Apt advanced package management
sudo apt list --installed
  • View upgradeable packages
sudo apt list --upgradable

If we find firebox in the updatable list, how can we update it?

Local package upgrade

Specify the installation of firebox. Since firebox has been installed in the laboratory building environment, which is lower than the version of firebox on the source, the installation process is to upgrade.

sudo apt install firefox
  • We can see the installed version of firebox
#Query the information of firebox software package through apt tool
sudo apt list --all-versions --installed|grep firefox
#Query firebox package information through dpkg
dpkg --list|grep firefox
  • Grep is a text search tool

    • Grep firebox is to search for firebox in text
  • |Act as a conduit

We’ll soon understand these two very important things.

Update all

It’s too troublesome to update one by one. I need to update all of them. Make sure before updatingPackage information of the latest sourceIt has been downloaded locally.

#Update local software source information
sudo apt update
#Update local software
sudo apt upgrade
  • Upgrade compares the information of the local installation package with the information of the downloaded source to find out all the packages that meet the dependency conditions
  • If a package depends on the deletion of an installed package, the package will not be installed
  • How to delete the original package automatically?
sudo apt full-upgrade
  • If the upgrade relies on deleting the existing package, full upgrade can delete it before installing it.
  • What if a package is no longer needed after the update?
sudo apt autoremove

In this way, the software packages that are needed again can be cleaned up automatically.

Is there any better way to manage the application??


This package can manage apt. first, Download:?

sudo apt install aptitude

Oeasy teaches you to play with the management application aptitude of linux010210

  • /Search
  • ? help
  • Q exit
  • G preview / download / install / remove
  • U upgrade
  • Call up the menu with Ctrl + T

    • There’s also a minesweeper game
  • But I still feel that command line apt is more convenient


  • The package tool is apt
  • Packages can be downloaded, upgraded and deleted.
  • There is also an aptitude for managing software packages
  • What to play next time?
  • Next time!

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