Oeasy teaches you to play with Linux 010400 summary

What did we talk about in the last part?
  • Various GUIs
  • QT and GDk two open source tools cross platform development libraries
  • The relationship between distribution and GUI
Let’s review the whole learning process
  • We start from scratch
  • Learn something about Linux basics

Graphical interface and terminal

  • The basic logic of Linux system
  • What is kernel uname
  • What is distro
  • Where am I, PWD
  • Three questions about soul
  • Question of the soul Whatis
  • Where is where
  • Which one
  • Detailed survey manual

Desktop commands

  • Tabletop pet
  • Firefox
  • File manager Nautilus
  • User interface xfce
  • We are familiar with the use of software packages
  • Learned to install the software package, uninstall, update and query
  • Understand the relationship between GUI and cli
  • Realize that command line is fundamental!!!
  • What do you say later?
  • Let’s talk about the next series!

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