Oeasy teaches you to play with Linux 010109clear screen cleaning


Recall last time

Last time I talked about three questions about soul ✊

  • whatis
  • whereis
  • which

Through these three questions, we can have a basic understanding of the command, let’s have a try!!

Clear screen

Our order clear this time is very simple

  • The function of clear is to clear the screen
  • Now I ask him three questions

`whatis clear
whereis clear
which clear

In this way, we can have a basic understanding of clear. If you want to have a deeper understanding, you can consult the manual

exceptional case

Some documents can’t find the specific location, such as

  • cd
  • pwd
  • Say they’re shell build in command

Where are these orders?

  • These commands are in this shell
  • When the shell starts, it’s in memory
  • So it’s called shell build in command
  • There is no specific command file for the hard disk
  • When did shell start?
  • When terminal starts, load the shell code (such as Zsh) on the hard disk into the memory
  • If you want to find the corresponding source code, go to the shell’s source code

This time our command clear is very simple, basic command operation we come here first, next time we summarize the previous content, goodbye!