Oeasy teaches you to play linux010206t


Let’s review

What did we talk about in the last part?
  • Query and download figlet with apt
  • Played character drawing
  • Set the font of character drawing
  • But the color was not changed
  • This time, let’s look for another command, toilet

`apt search toilet
apt show toilet

In addition to viewing in APT, where else can I view it?
Package website query
  • Because it’s a Debian software package, we’ll go to debian.org to find it
  • Find a web address
  • https://www.debian.org/distri…
  • Query scope
  • Package directory name
  • Package catalog description
  • Package directory source file ⚙️ name
  • Package content

Oeasy teaches you to play linux010206t


sudo apt install toilet


toilet oeasy

After querying the document, we found that
  • Figlet’s font FLF can be used for toilet
  • Toelett has a unique font, TLF
  • The position of the font is / usr / share / figlet
  • There are a lot of fonts available in thefigletView, download, and put in the folder to use
  • All the font renderings are in the
  • http://mewbies.com/geek_fun_f…
  • download
  • Enter / usr / share / figlet
  • You can use the WGet command
  • wget http://www.figlet.org/fonts/a…

Oeasy teaches you to play linux010206t

Let’s take a look at the effects of various kinds of toilets

Oeasy teaches you to play linux010206t

Complex code
Change colors

echo -e "e[01;32m$(toilet -f ascii9 "oeasy")e[00m"

  • Oeasy is text content
  • Ascii9 is the font
  • 32M is the color
  • You can change it to 30-37
  • 30 is black
Quickly view the font effect with the name of the font

find /usr/share/figlet -name "*.tlf" -exec basename {} ; | sed -e "s/..lf$//" | xargs -I{} toilet -f {} {}

  • This command is a compound command
  • This command uses pipes
  • We can write such orders in the future
Output the toilet to the web page

toilet -f bigmono9 --gay --html "oeasy.org" >> toilet.html firefox toilet Oeasy teaches you to play linux010206t

What else is fun?
  • Next time!

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