OCR font backcrawl


This article is the train of thought of two big men. I just combine my vegetable chicken

https://blog.harumonia.moe/font-antispider-cracker/Here is the idea of big guy font anti climbing

Then there is ddddocr. Brother Zhe is invincible

Fontforge this is a font application


First, you need to write a python script, temporarily named script py.

import fontforge 
F = fontforge.open("gRYimlGgKp1mW5ldNU5LIoLTJdKXEnKo.ttf") 
for name in F:     
    filename = name + ".png"     

Then pass

fontforge -script script.py

You can complete TTF – > PNG The results are as follows

The article of the boss here does not say why import fontforge failed; In fact, after looking for it for a long time, I found that this is someone else’s own Python environment, so pypi has no extension

OCR font backcrawl