Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released


On November 19, 2019, ant financial officially released the new oceanbase 2.2 version at the press conference held in Beijing with the theme of “top insight · focusing on new financial technologies”. It is reported that oceanbase is the world’s first distributed relational database applied to financial core business developed by ant financial services. At present, in addition to supporting ant financial’s own business and the flow test of Alibaba Group’s double 11, it also supports the business of dozens of commercial banks and financial institutions, and has topped the list of TPC-C tests released this year.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released

The release of oceanbase version 2.2 is a milestone version compatible with both MySQL and Oracle modes, and introduces many popular features in Oracle mode. Compared with version 2.0, the performance and stability of oceanbase 2.2 are greatly improved.

New features of oceanbase 2.2

1) New features

a) Stored procedure / client protocol

  • The first version of PL / SQL compatible with oracle was officially launched, providing basic PL / SQL usage capabilities. Subsequent versions continue to enhance support for PL / SQL
  • Part of Oracle compatible PL / SQL system package, convenient for Oracle users to use
  • Support binary prepare statement protocol to improve the execution performance of application call database

b) SQL enhancement

  • Supports all Oracle basic data types except binary float / double, and blob / CLOB (maximum length restriction)
  • It supports SQL syntax such as minus, rollup, group; Ping and a large number of window functions, which can better support users’ needs for complex analysis and query
  • Support Oracle compatible NLS series length and time date type setting, provide rich time date format and conversion support

c) SQL execution plan management

  • It can reduce the complexity of the operation and maintenance management of the Oracle system, reduce the complexity of the operation and maintenance management of the Oracle system, and ensure the stability of the operation and maintenance management of the system

d) Enhanced transaction capability

  • Flashback query provides historical data query function
  • Support serialization isolation level (the strongest transaction isolation level of relational database), and provide native support for application scenarios with strong transaction isolation requirements

2) Stability improvement

  • The stability of the cluster has been greatly improved, and the distributed transactions are running stably. The maximum number of single table rows is trillions, and the maximum data volume of a single cluster is more than 3 Pb.

3) Scalability improvement

  • Oracle mode single table supports up to 65536 partitions.

4) Compatibility enhancement

  • Compatible with MySQL 5.6 and Oracle 11.2 (under continuous development support).

5) Performance enhancement

  • Compared with version 2.0, the performance of OLTP is improved by more than 50%, and some complex scenarios are improved by 100%; the query optimization and execution ability of OLAP scenarios are significantly improved, with all 22 TPC-H queries and SF = 1000 (1TB), the total execution time of 6 ECS (56 hyper threaded) servers is 730s.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released

In addition, the upgrade also supports 150 + Oracle compatible functions and expressions, 30 dictionary views and 30 performance views. The new support for serialization isolation level provides better support for scenarios with higher transaction isolation requirements.

Compatibility with Oracle has been the focus of the oceanbase team. The goal of oceanbase team is to achieve smooth migration of Oracle business in two years, and the database can be migrated without modifying a line of code and business adjustment. The release of oceanbase version 2.2 is a major milestone in the process of compatibility. Oceanbase also hopes to serve more customers and partners in the financial industry, so that technology can benefit business development.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released

Evolution history of oceanbase version iteration

  • 2010: Founder Yang Zhenkun joined Alibaba, and oceanbase officially established the project.
  • 2011: oceanbase version 0.1 was released and officially launched in Taobao favorites, which greatly reduced the number of database servers in Taobao’s favorite business.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released
<p style=”text- align:center “> oceanbase version 0.1 architecture</p>

  • 2014: OceanBase0.5 release, the introduction of Paxos protocol to ensure that the main library failure does not lose data, successfully replace Oracle on the Alipay trading system on-line, supporting a double eleven 10% traffic.
  • 2015: the OceanBase0.5 version was launched on Alipay’s trading and payment libraries. In the same year, OceanBase became the first distributed relational database in the financial core business system in the world.
  • 2016: the OceanBase1.0 version is on the Alipay account system, supporting the peak payment of 120 thousand pen / sec in 2016.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released
<p style=”text- align:center “> oceanbase version 1.0 architecture</p>

  • In 2017: oceanbase released version 1.4, with continuous improvement of functions and significant improvement of performance. Dump function and hierarchical query function were added, and parallel index creation technology was introduced. Meanwhile, for the first time, Alipay moved all the core data links including the account database to OceanBase, creating a new record of 42 million times / second database processing peak. In the same year, oceanbase version 1.4 was successfully launched in commercial banks other than Alibaba / ant financial services.
  • 2018: oceanbase2.0 was officially released. The product features have been greatly enhanced to support global consistent snapshot, global index, real-time index validation, flashback query, online partition splitting and other functions. At the same time, its compatibility is comprehensively improved, and it supports MySQL / Oracle dual compatibility mode. It is also the first native distributed database to support stored procedures. In OLTP scenarios, the performance is improved by more than 50% compared with version 1.4, and the storage cost is reduced by 30%. Oceanbase 2.0 reduces the technical risk of financial business transforming to distributed architecture.

Oceanbase 2.2 is officially released
<p style=”text- align:center “> oceanbase version 2.0 architecture</p>

  • In 2019: oceanbase2.2 is officially released, breaking the world record of database benchmark performance test with twice the performance of Oracle (Oracle), ranking first in the performance of TPC-C benchmark test, and becoming the first distributed unshared relational database audited by TPC-C in the world. In the just past year of tmall double 11 in 2019, oceanbase broke the world record again, setting a new record of 61 million requests per second processing peak.