Objective SQL officially released version 1.3.5


Objectivesql is a Java ORM framework based on activerecored mode. It has zero configuration, automatically generates database access logic code based on the defined domain model, and provides convenient API to simplify SQL programming in Java coding process, improve the development efficiency of application system and reduce the amount of code.

After three months of development and testing, the stable version 1.3.5 was released in early October

  • Java api code of data model accessing database is generated dynamically, including select, insert, update and delete of database accessing
  • According to the definition of relation annotation, the associated objects are filled automatically during query, and the N + 1 query problem is avoided
  • It provides a variety of ways to construct data models, mainly in the form of java bean propertydescriptor, and also supports binding properties in the form of map
  • Multi data source support, just specify the data source of the data model in the domainmodel
  • Transaction support, you only need to specify transaction annotation in the model method, and the system automatically generates data as transaction code
  • Flexible expansion. The system provides interface and injection interface for possible expansion points in business field, mainly including JDBC executor, data type conversion, SQL query, SQL persistence, etc


Chinese document:http://www.objsql.com/docs/basic/objectivesql/