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#include "stdio.h"
 #include "time.h"
 //Title: C language to achieve villain mobile v1.0
 //Author: Zou Yang
 //  Date : 2020/05/28
 //June 4, 2020 1. The problem of walking map restriction is improved, and the optimization algorithm is p_ X±P_ When the speed is greater than or less than the map boundary, the location is set to the map boundary to prevent the villains from crossing the boundary. 
 //2. Added the function of holding a gun (not useful at present...) 
 void main(){
     typedef enum{false, true}bool;
     int i,j;
     int P_ X = 2; // body position X coordinate
     int P_ Y = 7; // body position Y coordinate, based on foot
     Int height = 12; // height
     Int weight = 12; // width
     int P_ Speed = 4; // movement speed
     Char warning [10] =; // warning content
     char people_ Head ='0 '; // arm
     char people_ Arm ='l '; // arm
     char people_ Leg ='x '; // leg
     Char bullet = '-'; // Bullet
     bool b_ Sign = false; // judge to shoot 
     Char graph [height] [weight]; // map array
             Strcpy (warning, "can't move! "";    
             strcpy(WARNING," ");
     If (GetAsyncKeyState ('z ')) {// fire the bullet  
         b_sign = !b_sign;
     graph[P_ Y-2][P_ X] = people_ Head; // placed by
     graph[P_Y-1][P_X] = people_arm;
     graph[P_Y][P_X] = people_leg;
         graph[P_Y-1][P_X+1] = bullet;


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