NVM, NRM and yarn



Node Version Management

  • NVM list view all installed node versions
  • NVM install version No. install the node of the specified version
  • NVM use version number switches to the specified version number
  • NVM proxy proxy address configuration proxy for download

nrm(node registry manager)

Download using Taobao’s cnpm image source:

npm install --save express --registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org


npm install -g nrm


Yarn is a Facebook open source package management tool similar to NPM, which is what NPM can do,
Yarn can do it, too.


npm install -g yarn


# npm init
yarn init

#NPM install -- save package name
Yarn add package name

#Offline installation
Yarn add package [email protected]版本号 --offline

# npm install
yarn install

#NPM uninstall package name
Yarn remove package name

#NPM install - G package name
Yarn global add package name

#NPM uninstall - G package name
Yarn global remove package name

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