NVM installation and management multi version node tutorial


Install NVM, node, NPM

  1. Download the NVM installation package. It is recommended to use 1.1.7. If I use 1.1.8, I will report errors in Chinese
  2. Click the EXE file and pay attention to modifying the installation root directory of NVM and the installation root directory of node, which is the storage address of source files for managing multiple versions of node in the future
  3. Open system CMD and enter the directory in turn

    • nvm -versionCheck whether the NVM is installed successfully
    • NVM install (node version number you need to install)You can check it on the official websiteList of previous versions
    • be careful!!! In the previous step, the corresponding version of NPM will be installed directly at the same time
    • NVM use (node version number you need to install)Generally, the system permission use box will pop up, which can be passed in some key points
    • node -vCheck whether the node is installed successfully
    • npm -vCheck whether NPM is installed successfully

Both version numbers can be displayed, indicating that NVM has successfully managed the node version

Manage node versions

  1. Generally, you can install as many nodes as you need. You only need to usenvm list, you can view all currently installed versions of node
  2. If you need to delete any version of ndoe, you can use the commandnvm uninstall

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