NPM package management – NRM switching source


NRM usage


npm install -g nrm

Check for successful installation:

nrm --version

List all optional sources

NRM LS (the one with * indicates the source being used)

Fast switching

NRM use NPM (XXX source)

Add source

NRM add + source name + source path

Delete source

NRM del + source name

Test source speed

NRM test [all] / NRM test NPM (XXX source)

Attachment: visit the source home page NRM home XXX (it should not be used without understanding)

Do not use NRM switching

View currently used sources

npm config get registry

Set a source

npm config set registry xxx

The installation package uses a specific source:

NPM install [XXX source] / NPM I [XXX package] [XXX source]

NRM link…