“Now chain” officially launched payment data to realize one key up chain


Blockchain is undoubtedly a hot spot in recent years. The state has also successively issued targeted technical guidance and incentive policies. However, due to its high technical and conceptual barriers, it is difficult to integrate into the real economy. The Internet has reshaped the way of data transmission in the world, changed the speed of data transmission qualitatively, and thus transformed data into information. Nowadays, the Internet can’t solve the problem of “quality” of data, such as protecting privacy, preventing tampering, tracing, storage relying on a single server, etc. the technical characteristics of blockchain will make up for these defects of Internet information, upgrade the information internet to the value Internet, data is assets, which can be protected, shared or even traded, and all these changes will start from the data chain!

The launch of the “now chain” product is an active exploration for the popularization of blockchain technology and application, so that non professional enterprises and individuals can easily open the door of this new technology practice.

So, what is the “present chain”?

“Now chain” is a public license chain based on the high-performance blockchain core CITA, which is jointly maintained and developed by core enterprises such as hello now, Xita technology, lotus technology and credulity technology. With the advantages of CITA’s high stability, high performance and high scalability, “now chain” also relies on the distributed storage, openness and transparency, data tamperability and other characteristics of the blockchain to provide enterprise level users with services such as transaction data packaging, uplink, storage and operation, so as to strengthen the security and reliability of transaction data, and provide compliance transaction scenarios and reasonable transaction lines for enterprises As a real name, it is a safe, stable, easy to expand, efficient and fast blockchain application scheme tailored for businesses.

In the future, we hope to have more partners on the way forward, take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation! Apply “now chain” to all walks of life, provide users with more valuable services, and march into a new era of blockchain with you!