Novice must see unity 2019 2020 nanny installation tutorial


1. Install unity through unityhub

  1. The download path of unityhub. Just follow the steps to install unityhub.
  2. Open unityhub and click Install.


3. Select the version you want to install. Since those above unity2019 can choose to install SDK and NDK when selecting components, it is recommended to select those above unity2019. SDK and NDK are required when importing APK files.


4. If you have not installed vs, you can choose to add vs components to unity here; Because I want to develop Android games, I choose Android build support, check SDK and NDK, click Next and wait for the installation to complete. I’ve never succeeded in this way


2. Download unity3d directly from the official website Com (my windows10 has never successfully opened this website), this is my download unity2019 3.2f address (unity2019.3.2f)

You can quickly install unity through this method, but you have to download SDK and NDK yourself. Although unity is installed, you must download the unity hub to use 2019unity. However, the advantage of this method is fast installation. The installation of the previous method is slow, and it is easy to fail suddenly.