[novice guide] how to configure the rust development and debugging environment using vscade


Install vscade

This is not wordy. Download it directly from the official website

Install the code prompt plug-in


If crite uses a domestic image source and cannot prompt the code of a third-party library, this is not recommended
If you do not use the domestic image source, you can use this plug-in


This has not been officially released, so it can’t be found in the app store (2020-10-23 has been on the shelf in the app store), but according togithub.com/rust-analyzer/rust-anal…Tutorial, and eventually a vscode plug-in will be installed automaticallyra-lsp
This plug-in supports the use of domestic image sources and can prompt third-party libraries (this is what I currently use)

Install debug plug-ins

Find and install plug-ins in vscodec/c++
Article address:Translation: how to debug Rust code in VSCode


After these are done, you can basically start coding happily

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