Notes on installing MacOS for VMware under AMD processor


1、 Installing VMWare

Note: do not use VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro for AMD processor to install MacOS, otherwise the subsequent MacOS fails to start the virtual machine!!!
AMD processor opens the virtual machine and reports an error. Skip to v. appendix

2、 Install the Unlocker unlocking tool

After installing vmware workstation, we also need a tool Unlocker to unlock vmware workstation. Unlocking has two purposes:
Purpose one isEnabling vmware workstation to support MacOS(otherwise, the “Apple Mac OS X” option cannot be seen when creating a new virtual machine in the following steps);
The second purpose is to download and update the latest darwin ISO (if this is not the latest, the installed MacOS cannot be full screen).

  • Download Unlocker v3.0
    GitHub Download:
    Baidu network disk: code: hmdv
  • Unzip Unlocker v3.0
    Extract it to the VMware peer directory,The path contained cannot have Chinese
  • Shut down VMware services and processes
    Shut down VMware software before that.
    openTask Manager, selectservice, right click to stop VMware related services

    openTask Manager, selectconduct, right-click to stop VMware related processes

  • Execute win install cmd
    Right clickRun as AdministratorExecute win install CMD setup
  • Until drawing ISO unlock complete

3、 Install MacOS

3.1 downloading MacOS image file

MacOS 10.13 is available here
Baidu network disk: code: ca4l

3.2 creating a MacOS virtual machine

  • clickCreate a new virtual machine
  • choicetypical
  • Install the just installed MacOS image file
  • choiceApple Mac OS X(M), versionmacOS 10.13
  • Default disk size40GB
  • Complete configuration

Note: do not hurry to start the virtual machine after completion!!!

3.3 editing virtual machine settings

USB should be set to 2.0, otherwise incompatible

Otherwise, the mouse won’t move when you go in

3.4 [AMD processor exclusive] modification VMX files (Intel processors can skip)

Find the path assigned to the MacOS virtual machine.vmxFile, right click to edit

Add the following code at the end of the file:

smc.version = "0"
cpuid.0.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:1011"
cpuid.0.ebx = "0111:0101:0110:1110:0110:0101:0100:0111"
cpuid.0.ecx = "0110:1100:0110:0101:0111:0100:0110:1110"
cpuid.0.edx = "0100:1001:0110:0101:0110:1110:0110:1001"
cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:0111:0001"
cpuid.1.ebx = "0000:0010:0000:0001:0000:1000:0000:0000"
cpuid.1.ecx = "1000:0010:1001:1000:0010:0010:0000:0011"
cpuid.1.edx = "0000:1111:1010:1011:1111:1011:1111:1111"
featureCompat.enable = "FALSE"

takevirtualHW.version = "19"Change to10

3.5 start the virtual machine for MacOS boot installation

After selecting a language, go here to allocate disks:

  • Click in the upper left cornerUtilities, selectDisk tools
  • choiceVMware Virtual SATA Hard Drive Media, clickEfface
  • Enter the name and close this page when you are finished
  • Return to this page and selectcontinue
  • Select the disk you just

  • At this time, we first open the task manager and restart the VMware service that has just stopped. Otherwise, the network cannot be connected to the next network mode
  • Complete installation boot

4、 Installing VMware Tools

  • Right click to open the disc in the upper right corner
  • VMware menu bar selectionvirtual machine, clickInstalling VMware Tools
  • Double click vmware tools and select

  • installation is complete
  • Click this icon to selectMaintain aspect ratio stretch, full screen adaptation is now available

5、 Appendix: AMD enables virtualization

Since my computer has been virtualized, I can only view other tutorials here:
Amd enable Virtualization (AMD-V)

• byLeungWritten on December 19, 2021

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