Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?


In my spare time, I also occasionally look at the chat information in the QQ communication group. Recently, I found many in the groupiOSerThey are discussing that IOS is not as good as it used to be. They laugh at themselves that no one wants IOS posts.

Someone Tucao said iOS can not make complaints about the high salary.Others say that it’s not IOS that can’t, but that we limit our own technological development,

Included text:IOS advanced classic < IOS can’t? Or limited personal ability? >

Small! The pattern is small!

Now it’s far from just IOS development.

Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

Why care about other people’s opinions? Gold always shines. Don’t always take evasion as your shield!

Let’s see how you evaluate the IOS market in recent years?

Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

The answer is top talent
There is a shortage of big cattle in any industry.Anyway, if you are an IOS development engineer, I still suggest you learn more about the lower level and advanced level, whether from the perspective of changing jobs or from the perspective of personal development. If you don’t believe it, you will not cheat if you go to the treatment of IOS senior engineer on the recruitment website.

So what are IOS advanced developers asking now?

This topic is probably the most discussed topic in most IOS development before the interview. They all want to know the latest interview situation and make more preparations. The following is a summary collected by XiaobianTechnical point+**Interview questionsClassification; See if you have it all?

Key Summary – four categories:

  • Underlying principles of IOS
  • Performance optimization and architecture
  • Multithreading, network
  • Data structure algorithm

Underlying principle of IOS (required):

IOS development is a necessary ability, and it is also one of the ways for large factories to interview and quickly screen talents.

  • Object underlying principle
  • Some related problems of pointer and memory
  • WeakWeak reference
  • BlockPrinciple of
  • AutoreleasePoolprinciple
  • RunloopPrinciple of
  • RuntimeRelated, message forwarding principle
  • Componentization

Frequently asked questions:

1 \. What is the difference between using the weak keyword and assigning?

Performance optimization and architecture capabilities:

At present, big factories attach great importance to this area;

  • ① Performance Optimization:Optimization of tableview -> Interface Caton principle -> App performance analysis -> Project optimization
  • ② Architecture: design patterns, decoupling means, componentization

Frequently asked questions:

1 \. What are the causes of tableview Caton?

Multithreading, network capability:

Intermediate and advanced development of IOS should be understood and familiar with;

  • Principle of multithreading
  • Thread pool
  • GCD
  • Lock correlation principle
  • Network design
  • Understanding of network framework
  • Some requirements in the development process are combined with multithreading or network design!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Process and thread?

The data structure algorithm capacity accounts for a large proportion:

Generally, large companies have some written tests: although they are not in the core position, they do not have very strict requirements for data structure algorithms, but they also have some questions about conventional data structures and algorithms

  • sort
  • Data structure design
  • Complexity discussion
  • Some algorithm problems with sharp brain turns
  • ……

Frequently asked questions:

1 \. What is the difference between a linked list and an array? What are the time complexity of insertion and query?

How do you become the 10% senior developer?Although it is said that IOS development is easy to get started, a line of code and a notebook, it is not so easy to really use IOS development to write advanced projects and change jobs to get a high salary. Because most people have encountered several difficulties in the IOS development industry:Not IOS? Or limited personal ability?

Want a raise? Want to change jobs? Please don’t make complaints about yourself.

Xiaobian knows, all know;

Have you ever wondered why you are not the 10% advanced developer? Why can others earn high salaries?

Here’s an old saying:

Don’t only see the success of others, but also the hardships behind others

IOS development market is not good, but it is by no means bad. It has enough technical skills and a lot of interviews. It does not encourage or oppose others to enter IOS, but if you want to do it, don’t have a happy and lazy psychology. You have to learn everything you should learn.

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