NOR flash memory begins the development of automobile field


As cars become more intelligent and require more storage space, many technologies are struggling for the driver’s seat, but it is certain that the NOR flash can at least use a shot gun.

With its programmable ability, nor flash exists in many applicationsEEPROMIt has found new opportunities in applications that require fast, nonvolatile memory, including communications, industrial and automotive applications. Of course, due to the development of autopilot, the latter has attracted wide attention.

NOR flash exists in radio starting – automotive applications that don’t require a lot of memory. But in the past decade, remote information processing and all functions of the central console have increased the demand for memory. Today, you won’t be able to sell a car without a digital display. Clusters don’t need 12 megabits, or even 1 Gigabit, rather than 1 megabitSPI nor flash memoryThe radio.

In high performance systems, such as under the hood, you cannot use any nonvolatile memory other than nor flash


NOR flash memory begins the development of automobile field

The existence of NOR flash in the radio started the development of the automotive field, but due to its fast start, reliability and durability, the whole car now has an opportunity.

Performance will eventually bring nor flash to the driver’s seat today. You’ve reached the point where you can get functionality almost immediately, because you can actually start the processor at about 500 megabytes per second, and when you get in the car and turn on the key, you want the display and rear view camera to turn on in a second.

Instant start is the reason why nor flash is used in the dashboard because it can immediately display basic functions – nor is more suitable for code execution because special software is needed to manage your code. Code in NAND flash memory. What you do with the software is move the code from NAND toDRAM。 Then everything is executed in DRAM. Code can be executed directly in NOR flash, but not in NAND flash.

Now, nor is going to be in a lot of different parts of the car. If there is very little code, it will use a microcontroller with nor inside the microcontroller. But if you have a lot of code because it is a more complex system, it will have an external nor flash chip. You see, today’s autopilot cars have at least one lidar, and each lidar will have a NOR flash to control all the functions.

There was a time when NAND flash was expected to be a byproduct of NOR flash, but nor was persistent for several reasons. Although NAND performs better in applications that need to store large amounts of data, theNAND flash memoryThe cost of the chip is the lowest, so less code is involved.

At the same time, even automotive grade NAND can not bear the heat that nor can bear, and it is not reliable for mission critical automotive applications. Lifetime is also a key feature of NOR flash memory, because automakers like products that can support replacement parts for ten years.

Cypress Semiconductor is a leader in automotive nor flash and has been active in meeting the immediate needs of applications such as advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS).