Non magnetic reinforced screw plate


Where on earth will non-magnetic reinforcement, non-magnetic thread and non-magnetic steel plate be used?
And why do these places use nonmagnetic materials?
Concealed works, special infrastructure, wharf. Non magnetic steel is commonly used in these places.
In addition, degaussing treatment should be carried out frequently at the ship terminal.
These places must be low magnetized, if not low magnetized, then the value of the surrounding magnetic field will change.
It is very important to select excellent low magnetic materials. The commonly used low magnetic steels are: 45mn17al3, 917, 40mn18cr4, 30Mn20Al3, 50mn18cr5
When the non-magnetic steel is poured in the capital construction, the cement, yellow sand and stone (important) without ferromagnetic materials must be selected.
Non magnetic reinforced screw plate
The permeability of the non-magnetic steel material we use will not be magnetized by the surrounding magnetic field environment, and the permeability is stable.
The permeability of the material will not change under any magnetic field.
Why use nonmagnetic steel, you know.
No magnetic steel, Shanghai Baoshan.