Nofollow makes the links in comments and messages play a real role


Comments and messages are originally a great way for webmasters to build communities and readers. However, it is annoying that the comment and message functions are often abused by spam comment senders or other malicious people, many of whom use scripts or other software to generate and post spam comments.

Too many such spam messages will not only affect the beauty, but also bring the negative impact of search engine power reduction to their own websites in most cases! This also makes many webmasters restrict the publishing of URL hyperlinks in comments or messages, but this makes some really link oriented content unable to reply.

Now, we can use the “nofollow” tag. A few years ago, Google and Yahoo! And MSN and other major search engines have introduced “nofollow”, which has been widely used. All links that use the rel = “nofollow” attribute will not be used to calculate PageRank or determine the relevance of your page to user queries.

For example, if the spammer adds such a link to your comment:

<a href=” “> this is a good website! < / a > it will be converted to:

<a href=” “Rel =” nofollow “> this is a good website! < / a > this new link will not be taken into account when calculating PageRank.

In this way, you can avoid problems when passing through PageRank. Although you can’t avoid spam comments and messages, meaningful guide links can still be published normally!

By default, many blog sites (such as bloggers) automatically add this attribute to all published comments.