Nodejs installation


Nodejs supports cross platform operation. It can basically run on all operating systems, corresponding to different operating systems, and installed in different ways.

Official website of nodejs: corresponding Chinese website:

Tend to English website, Chinese website will have a great delay after all.

Installation of windows system: no more details. Download the corresponding installation package. Next step is OK. If windows doesn’t install, there’s no need to learn nodejs.

Mac installation: in view of my relatively poor, no Mac, so the MAC installation can only refer to other rich people’s installation methods.

Linux Installation: refer to

Please try to choose a newer version.

Nodejs is a platform that integrates the Google V8 JavaScript engine, event loop and the underlying IO application programming interface. All IO primitives are event driven. It can be considered that the execution of nodejs is based on events and asynchronous execution, which ensures the high efficiency of nodejs and makes it a prerequisite for a strong performance web server.

Nodejs provides many built-in objects to implement a series of operations on the server. Path is used to operate the file path, FS is used to operate the file, DNS is used to operate the network, stream is used to provide the operation of convection. Web server is implemented based on HTTP, which supports many built-in support for the server.

Nodejs is a powerful tool for front-end programmers to send back. Nodejs is a ray of sunshine for front-end ers who are used to operating the browser dom.

High performance, asynchronous and event driven are the core principles of nodejs.

Nodejs is a single process application, which is different from Java and C ා multithreading. You may think that the concurrency of nodejs will be very low. Only based on a single thread, redis can cache data so fast. Nodejs is no exception, which reduces the switching between threads. Based on the event mechanism, nodejs’ performance can also surprise you.

What can nodejs do?

Express based can be used as a web server.

Koa2 can be used as a proxy of Web API.

Based on the built-in operation, a series of tool chains can be realized.


Nodejs can’t be used as an interface. As a web server, nodejs is another worthy choice.

The motto is:

A lot of it makes sense, but I always think that experience can change fate, books can only change ideas or the perspective of the world


1. If you don’t force yourself, you don’t know how good you are.

2. Making money is a kind of ability, spending money is a kind of level, ability can be practiced, level can’t be practiced easily.

3. Young people should not be too crazy.

4. One’s knowledge can be obtained through learning; one’s growth must be tempered.

5. There are many good books in the world and few books that can change fate.

6. There are many friends in the world, but few can be entrusted for a lifetime.

If you find a person, a place, a thing, a book, you can change your destiny. Be sure to find a way to have a relationship with him, or he will have nothing to do with you.

8. When a person is not successful, pretend to be successful. (because he has become a part of your character when you pretend)

9. The purpose of our study is to use. It is not that knowledge is useless, but that you are not using it, which means you are not using it.

10. The attitude of others to you determines your destiny.

11. Laughter comes from the heart.

12. When a person goes out, all the money in his pocket is for the purpose of spending. If he is comfortable, he will spend it there. If a person makes others comfortable, he is an operator; if others make you comfortable, he is a consumer.

13. It takes courage for a person to listen to the truth, and courage for a person to speak the truth.

14. Because of your existence, make others happy, you are called friends; because of your existence, make others outstanding, you are the coach; because of your existence, make others strong, you are the leader.

15. The degree of injury to you has nothing to do with the matter itself, which depends on your attitude towards it.

16. If you are simple, your world will be simple; if you are simple, things will be simple.

17. If you can do something, do it well; if you can’t do it, do it in disorder. If you do it more often, you will. But, first of all, you have to do it.

18. If you want to be excellent, you have to accept challenges; if you want to be excellent as soon as possible, you have to find challenges.

19. If you want to start a business, you must learn to work.

20. In the world, there are two kinds of successful people, one is a fool, the other is a madman. A fool is a loser, a madman is a doer.