Node. JS subway salon Wuhan hot and dry noodles package collection topic


May is a good month, and Wuhan in May is also very beautiful. In 2020, the epidemic was rampant, and we had no choice but to stop the node subway for some time. In March this year, we restarted the node subway; In May this year, we decided to witness the new vitality of Wuhan and hold a special session of hot and dry noodles in Wuhan (issue 11).

Node. JS subway salon is an offline Technology Salon launched by Alibaba Taobao front-end architecture.

At present, the topic is being solicited. The technical peers in Wuhan are welcome to sign up and provide.

  • time: May 23, 2021
  • Topic scope: and node Any practice, exploration and research topics related to JS
  • Activity location: Wuhan, specific location to be determined
  • Producer of this show: dead moon
  • Topic registration link:

Topic review of last issue

  • Addon based node.js performance monitoring and online fault location solution hyj1991 @ front end architect
  • Midway hooks – a more productive full stack framework Fanyi @ Taobao
  • Airpackcdn – the road to building a new generation component distribution network
  • IMove – a new development mode for visual editing lenghui @ Taobao
  • SSR framework 5.0 – server side rendering capability supporting react and Vue at the same time Zhang Yuang @ wechat
  • Let’s imagine 2021 round table discussion

More information is available at (the current website is still under construction…)

Node. JS subway salon Wuhan hot and dry noodles package collection topic

Friendly recommendation: the brotherhood sharing meeting “front end charging station special session in Wuhan on May 22” is also in the hot topic of recruitment~

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