No screen guide to raspberry pie


If you want to buy a toy, raspberry pie is definitely the best choice. For the introduction of raspberry pie, Liangxu will not repeat it, baidu searched a lot. In short, raspberry pie is a small computer, we can use it to learn Linux, but also can expand to make a lot of fun toys.

But Liang Xu was poor. He bought raspberry pie and ate dirt. He had no money to buy a screen. Here’s how to play raspberry pie without a screen.

Items needed

  • Raspberry pie 3B
  • Raspberry pie power supply (5v2.5a)
  • computer
  • Network cable
  • 4G or above TF Card (high speed card is preferred)

Raspberry pie operating system installation

1. Raspberry pie operating system image download

The raspberry pie image is customized based on Debian, officially named raspbian. The image can be downloaded from its official website:
2. Download Image burning tool

After downloading the image, you need to burn it to the raspberry pie. The burning tools used arewin32diskimager, the download address is as follows:
3. Image burning

After downloading the image and burners, you can write. The steps are as follows:

  • Insert TF card into computer through adapter;
  • openwin32diskimagerLoad raspbian image and select the drive letter corresponding to the TF card;
  • clickwrite inButton for burning. The burning process is a little long, just wait patiently.

Raspberry pie starts

After the image burning, we need to make some necessary settings to start the raspberry pie correctly.

1. Turn on SSH

The first is SSH. Because we don’t have any screen and no external keyboard, we can’t operate raspberry pie directly. To have fun playing raspberry pie, we need to log in remotely via SSH.

However, raspbian turned off SSH in the post November 25, 2016 version. The method to enable SSH is also very simple: in the boot directory of the SD card, create a file namedsshAn empty folder of.

2. Determine the IP address of raspberry pie

We know that if you want to log in to Linux remotely through SSH, you need to know the IP address of the other party. But it’s still the problem. Our raspberry pie doesn’t have a screen and can’t know its IP address directly.

How to determine the IP address of raspberry pie?

We can insert raspberry pie into the TF card with the mirror image, connect it to the power supply, connect it to the router directly through the network cable, and then log in to the router background to check the IP address of raspberry pie. The wiring is simple as follows:

After that, log in to the router background to check the IP address of raspberry pie. The background login address of different routers may be different. The specific address can be viewed on the back of the router. After logging in to the background, you can see the addresses of all devices connected to the router. If you still can’t find the raspberry pie, you can wait a moment. Maybe the raspberry pie hasn’t started completely.

3. SSH login raspberry pie

The SSH service of raspberry pie has been opened and its IP address is known, so we can use itMobaXtermLog in remotely to raspberry pie. Of course, in addition to mobaxterm, we can also use SecureCRT, putty, xshell and other tools to see what I like.

aboutMobaXtermYou can refer to this article:


We just need to fill in the IP address in remote host, PI in the uranname, and then click OK.

Then enter the passwordraspberry, you can log in to raspberry pie remotely. The first login may be a little slow, just wait a little.

After connecting, we can play raspberry pie happily.

Make raspberry pie

1. Configure raspi config

For raspberry pie with screen, it will appear automatically when it is first startedraspi-configConfiguration interface. For SSH Remote connection mode, raspi config setup program will not appear in the first login. Please use itsudo raspi-configThe command is started manually.

raspi-configThere are many things that can be configured freely, but some settings can only be set once, such asexpend_rootfs。 Although there are many things that can be set, Liangxu only configures two items: password and extend_ rootfs 。

  • Password modification

usesudo raspi-configAfter the command starts the configuration interface, selectChange User PasswordTo change the password.

  • Configure extend_ rootfs

Configure expand_ Rootfs, which extends the available space of the whole system to the size of the memory card. Without expand, SSH logins can be very volatile and the resources available are very small.

It’s very simple to configure firstAdvanced Options, and then selectExpend FilesystemThen enter all the way and wait a moment.

2. Configure Wi Fi

Now we are connected to the Internet through the network cable and router, but it is a bit troublesome to connect a network cable. Moreover, in the wireless society, using Wi Fi is undoubtedly the best choice.

We only need to write the SSID and PSK of the hotspot to be connected to WPA_ supplicant.conf The next time you power up, raspberry pie will automatically connect to this hotspot. In fact, this setting can also be done through raspi config. You can think about it yourself.

sudo vi /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Add the hotspot SSID and PSK to be connected at the end of the file


Raspberry pie visual interface

Our raspberry pie doesn’t have a screen, but we can use the remote desktop that comes with windows to view the raspberry pie desktop. Of course, vnc can also be used, but you need to add a software, which is troublesome.

Before using remote desktop connection to connect to raspberry pie, you need to install it on raspberry piexrdpServices:

sudo apt-get install xrdp

After that, open the remote desktop on your Windows computer. The way to turn it on is to enter it in runtimemstscThat’s fine.

In the remote desktop software, enter the IP address of raspberry pie and click Connect. Then input the user name and password of raspberry pie in the pop-up interface.

Official account: good Linux

No screen guide to raspberry pie

What’s the gain? I hope the old fellow will take three strikes to show this article to more people.

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