No! Goeasy news push helps the 8 series online conference of Yijia mobile phone


On April 16, Yijia mobile, adhering to the concept of “no will”, held an online new product launch with the theme of “outstanding visible to the naked eye”, at which a new oneplus 8 series was released, and millions of users watched the grand occasion of this new product launch on the official website of Yijia mobile. Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia mobile, is full of confidence in the new product, saying that it will be the “best machine for screen experience”.
No! Goeasy news push helps the 8 series online conference of Yijia mobile phone

As the leader of Chinese sea going brand, Yijia mobile phone has achieved great success in overseas market with its product concept of “no will”. It has gained a large number of loyal fans in Indian and American markets. It has occupied the position of “first in high-end market” in some overseas markets for a long time, and has been highly praised by overseas well-known media and institutions for many times. As one of the largest, most authoritative and professional consumer electronics awards in the world, EISA awards also awarded the biggest award of last year, “2019-2020 high end smart phone” to one plus 7 Pro.

For the one plus eight of this release, Luo Yonghao experienced it for the first time. As an expert in mobile phone industry, Lao Luo is full of praise for one plus eight touch and screen. Prior to the conference, Lao Luo also interviewed Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia mobile, highly appreciating the product concept of “no deal” of Yijia mobile.
No! Goeasy news push helps the 8 series online conference of Yijia mobile phone

Online press conference allows users to watch the conference conveniently everywhere, and also to communicate and interact with other users online in real time. A large number of audience enthusiastically participated in the event, which brought great challenges to the technical services related to the backstage support. Especially in the chat interaction link, a large number of users interact online at the same time, hundreds of users speak and swipe the screen every second, and every message should be displayed on the screen of all users in real time, which means that tens of millions of messages real-time communication occurs every second. A highly available instant messaging service that can support a large number of users is indispensable.

In 2018, in order to enable the team to focus on the mobile phone business, plus mobile decided to choose an instant messaging service provider with excellent performance, reliability and stability. Through strict layer by layer screening for many third-party instant messaging service providers in China, goeasy has obtained the first cooperation opportunity with first Canada mobile phone in the fierce competition with many well-known manufacturers by virtue of its rich experience in the field of instant messaging, simple API, strong performance and professional and reliable services. In the press conference of one plus six, he performed well and was highly praised by the technical team of one plus six. And continued to serve the following three years from one plus 6, one plus 6T to one plus 7, 7T, and this one plus 8 online press conference. In the past five times of cooperation, goeasy has become a designated provider of instant messaging services for the new mobile phone launch.
No! Goeasy news push helps the 8 series online conference of Yijia mobile phone

In the past three years of in-depth cooperation between the teams of the two sides, goeasy’s technology improvement coincides with one plus’s “no will” product concept.

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