NFT digital collection is the future? Even these enterprises are competing for investment projects?


All walks of life have invested in digital collections, blockchain industry, making tea, coffee, cars and so on These seemingly irrelevant industries get together to do the same thing. Even now, there will still be many voices of doubt. They firmly believe that the digital collection NFT is just a scam. What is familiar is that these people, like those who denied bitcoin a few years ago, shout scams at the bottom of every trough in the past decade, but each rise is a new high of more than a dozen times. History repeats itself again and again. With the rise of Ethereum technology, a large number of applications and smart contracts can be deployed in Ethernet. The most notable ones are NFT and defi. With the increasing popularity of the private sector, it has attracted the investment of many speculators. When it is established that the market has really great development potential, a large number of heavy capital enterprises and some professional investment institutions have joined, which further determines that the blockchain industry is the future.
NFT digital collection is the future? Even these enterprises are competing for investment projects?
From Audi working with artists to create NFT art work “fantasy highway”, to P & G’s launch of 6 limited NFT toilet paper, to @ Ji kejunyi’s pictures of wearing NFT virtual clothes for the first time on his microblog
NFT digital collection is the future? Even these enterprises are competing for investment projects?
The past year can be regarded as the “first year” of NFT. According to relevant data, last year, the weekly transaction volume in relevant fields exceeded US $2 million, and the total transaction volume of the global digital collection industry exceeded US $10.67 billion in the third quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 38,06%, all of which are unimaginable.
NFT digital collection is the future? Even these enterprises are competing for investment projects?

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What is NFT?

In short, NFT is a “virtual digital collection” existing in the virtual world, and in our opinion, for brands, it is a new form of marketing and carrying form of creativity.

Although some people doubt whether this is a new art form or a beautiful and illusory “foam”. However, in any case, the volume of digital collections on social platforms has shown a geometric multiple growth, and countless brands have entered the market to try to seize this new outlet of marketing.

This article will focus on:

Real “digital collection” marketing cases of Naixue’s tea, Anta, Oreo and Yili
Analysis on the current “digital collection” marketing situation and pain points
Provide readers with some methods and considerations for the implementation of digital collections in domestic marketing. (Note: hereinafter collectively referred to as digital collections)

1、 The triple label of virtual image, trendy play and digital collection is the social currency of Naixue girl in the new era
When the brand integrates the three labels of virtual image, trendy play and digital collection, can young people refuse?

In the sixth birthday season of Naixue’s tea, Naixue’s tea released the brand ambassador Nayuki, the “Naixue girl” collection of trendy art and the digital art series “create beauty” on the official wechat. The topic of # milk tea entering the meta universe # was created on Weibo, and the official announced that he was the first to enter the era of new tea drinking meta universe.

Any one of these three tags can stimulate the interest of a large number of consumers, and the further transformation link is contained in the blog. Launch the activity of forwarding and extracting offline prizes through the official wechat, guide users to complete comments, dissemination and other actions, and implant the purchase jump link and QR code of products into the blog.

Up to now, the # milk tea session has entered the meta universe # topic, and the number of readings has exceeded 120 million. 300 digital art series have been sold for one second
2、 Anta, match the content most suitable for digital collection
In terms of mainstream products and presentation at the current stage, the most suitable digital collection is a video or moving picture.

What to put in this paragraph is the problem that every brand needs to consider. Anta chose the digital action of the China ice and snow national team project, which is suitable for the collectability, uniqueness and high attention of the digital collection itself.
On January 6, Anta officially announced the launch of “ice and snow spirit land” on Weibo. Combined with tmall super product day, it provides an immersive experience for users participating in the activity through three digital plates. In # Anta ice and snow spirit #, # Anta Winter Olympic limited digital collection release # and other topics, invite many champion players and star artists to help the event.

By dismantling athletes’ competition actions, Anta has realized the dissemination and fermentation of marketing content with digital space and digital collections.
3、 Oreo digital collection, playing Chinese style with biscuits
It is Oreo’s practice to stick to the same while grasping the change. Oreo’s biscuit is its unique brand symbol. Innovation in biscuit elements has always been the characteristic of Oreo’s marketing.

Last October, it happened that Oreo launched a new type of black-and-white gray biscuits. On the basis of insight into the preferences of consumer groups, it anchored the theme of national style. With black-and-white gray as the background and Jay Chou’s national style music as the help, it interpreted the picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains into 5000 digital biscuits, launched the world’s first digital ink scroll and promotional film, and realized the ingenious combination of biscuits, digital collections and national style.
NFT digital collection is the future? Even these enterprises are competing for investment projects?
In this case, national style, ink painting and biscuits are the protagonists, and the creativity and bearing attributes of digital collections are more obvious.

4、 Find scarcity and sense of participation, and stimulate users’ desire to share
In January this year, Yili launched the “champion shining 2022” digital collection, showing the new style of traditional brand youth marketing. Up to now, # Yili champion shining 2022 digital milk is the first topic # in the world, and the reading volume has exceeded 97 million.

Through the limited collection of “17 in the world”, the scarce value of Yili digital collection has been further amplified. Users who drew hidden models have “fancy show off” in the topic, and this event has become a new conversation among users who have not collected them.

Including but not limited to digital collection marketing, scarcity and sense of participation are the only way to stimulate users’ interest.

5、 Some current situations that need to be faced and faced
Brands need to be more clear about what their collections can bring to consumers.

For the private domain built by the brand, user rights and interests are one direction. Taking Yanghe as an example, after the launch of the collection of mengzhilan handicraft class (Master), it has provided many rights and interests for collectors, such as birthday wine and wine discount.

In terms of public domain, another added value that the collection can bring to users is social sharing after collection. If the collection is simply presented as creativity, it needs to consider systematization and sharing.

In marketing, whether to build a self built platform or choose the bearing module of a large platform is a consideration. (in this regard, the digital collection of topholder “number one collector” newly announced by Weibo may bring some new possibilities)

In short, the digital collection looks similar, but the playing methods can be changeable. In the concept of young consumer groups, fun, novelty, fun and a sense of science and technology are the driving forces to stimulate consumer behavior. It is this novelty that makes it possible for digital collections to spread and break the circle on Weibo.

For brands, digital collections may only be regarded as a novel marketing content carrier, and the core is always communication and resonance. Under the content-based social system such as microblog, it is easier to help the brand walk out of a new marketing path by grasping the development and change of marketing methods and adhering to the purpose and original intention of marketing.

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