News BTC special report: the fourth blind box of cross was launched at 14:00 on April 16, and the captured NFT can be used for lending


News BTC special report: the fourth blind box of cross was launched at 14:00 on April 16, and the captured NFT can be used for lending

Part of the content is reproduced from the special report of news BTC on cross. The content involves the NFT lending service currently being developed by cross and the fourth phase of blind box play analysis launched tomorrow.

Cybervein and poly network have officially completed the cross chain deployment of CVT. CVT holders can realize CVT asset mapping through the one click cross chain tool poly bridge, or go to mdex to purchase heco CVT directly. On April 19, cross logged in to BSC and opened the CVT payment function. At that time, users can use CVT to participate in Cross auction on heco or BSC chain. This indicates that cross has gradually become one of the innovative platforms in the field of NFT.

The first decentralized NFT lending service

From now on, all NFTs successfully auctioned through cross can borrow CVT through mortgage, with a loan term of 7-30 days. You only need to return the same amount of CVT on the repayment date.

Ideally, you can use the CVT mortgaged by the first NFT to take the second CVT. The advantage of this is that you can get two NFTs with only one NFT CVT, and the capital utilization rate and NFT appreciation speed have been improved. After the NFT is put on the shelves, each NFT will be jointly given an NFT (market guidance price) by art evaluation experts from multiple angles.

Calculation formula of loanable part = [(current market guidance price + final transaction price) / 2] * 30%

All this requires only the poly network to cross CVT into heco and BSC to participate in cross operations. It can be said that in the current field of NFT, cross, a new decentralized lending service, is at the forefront!

Four highlights of mystity box

News BTC special report: the fourth blind box of cross was launched at 14:00 on April 16, and the captured NFT can be used for lending

Cross phase IV blind box campaign was launched on April 16:

First round auction time: 14:00-16:30

Second turn time: 16:30-19:00

Bidding method: blind auction

Blind box Award: heco CVT equivalent to 0.6btc

Starting price: 50 heco CVT

Highlights of phase IV blind box:

Increase in the number of NFTs: the number of NFT works in blind box auction has increased to 9, all created by well-known NFT artist Chi Lei;

Support CVT bidding: users can use poly bridge to map or go to mdex to purchase heco CVT directly;

Increase of blind box reward: the bonus is allocated to two blind boxes, 0.1 and 0.5 respectively, which increases the game nature and complexity of bidding;

NFT post service: the captured NFT can be directly used in the NFT lending service of the cross platform.

Heco CVT retrieval process for bid failure:

Step 1: open personal Center

Step 2: select auction

Step 3: select “closed” and select the NFT whose bid failed

Step 4: click “retrieve”, this process will pay very little heco – HT as the transaction gas


If the previous blind box activity was just a simple arithmetic problem, the upgraded blind box has become a real battlefield of brain fighting. If only the price of 0.6btc divided by 9 is used to evaluate the NFT and participate in the auction, it will certainly return empty handed. It is suggested that small and medium-sized buyers focus on one NFT and calculate from the NFT value itself, so that it is difficult to reproduce the situation that large buyers monopolize the whole audience and get multiple NFTs.

Of course, the most important point is that the blind box auction value system of cross will be completely reshaped, and the value of NFT itself will increase and will not be buried. With the emergence of cross NFT lending service, the whole NFT trading market will undergo great pattern changes like when defi appeared.

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