News|WebRTC M94 Update


News|WebRTC M94 Update

WebRTC M94Currently released in Chrome Beta, it contains 1 new feature and more than 19 bug fixes, feature enhancements, stability and performance improvements.

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01. Public service announcement

1. MediaTrack pluggable stream

The Pluggable Streaming API for MediaStreamTrack is now available as a stable web API, no more source trials needed! This API can be used to directly access and modify audio or video streams.

For more information see:…

2. The non-standard RTCConfiguration.offerExtmapAllowMixed option has been removed from Chrome

The non-standard offerExtmapAllowMixed in the RTCPeerConnection constructor has been removed from M94.

See also delete…Intent for details and how to do SDP operations before you need to call setRemoteDescription.

02. Functions and bug fixes

You can log in: Monorail – webrtc – Web-based real-time communication – Monorail Enter the issue ID to query the bug details.


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 1084702

Description: Mobile Chrome on Pixel 3 has video corruption at non-16-bit aligned resolutions in WebRTC calls: Hardware VP8 encoder bug

Component: Blink>WebRTC>Video,




Type: Feature

Issue ID: 1225701

Description: Enable DCHECKS by default for developer builds

Component: Build


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 1232358

Description: Dependency Descriptor (DD) RTP extension failure when enabling AV1-SVC in WebRTC

Component: Blink>WebRTC


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 1234779

Description: When the remoteDescription status is a=inactive, the Peer Connection still sends RTP

Component: Blink>WebRTC>PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 1236202

Description: Merge Request: PeerConnection assumes that all new m= parts will go into the first BUNDLE group

Component: Blink>WebRTC>PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 999886

Description: Codebase vs clang r370594 add -Wfinal-dtor-non-final-class compile option

Components: Build, Tools>LLVM


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 11640

Description: Supports RFC 2198 redundancy items

Component: Audio


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12470

Description: Cyclic and empty RTP packets with sequence number gaps

Component: Network>RTP


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12837

Description: PC side issues candidates during renegotiation

Component: PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12906

Description: PeerConnection assumes that all new m= parts will go into the first BUNDLE group

Component: PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12975

Description: The aspect ratio of video_replay is hardcoded

Component: Tools


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12980

Description: Video's jitter stats are much higher than expected

Component: Stats


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12988

Description: WebRTC is ready to provide toggle options for Chromium's dcheck_always_on default

Component: Build


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12989

Description: NackModule2 may cause idle wake on 2.5 kHz frequency during 50-tile conference call

Component: Internals


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12991

Description: AVC parsing error when turning on hardware acceleration in Chrome Windows

Component: Video


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 12995

Description: FrameEncryptorInterface cannot be used for video

Component: PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 13037

Description: Inaccurate encoding frame rate statistics for each layer

Components: Stats, Video


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 13053

Description: iSAC tests on Mac ARM64 fail to launch after chromium rollback

Components: Audio, Build


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 4299

Description: Remove the a=ice-options:google-ice item from the generated offer

Component: PeerConnection


Type: Bug

Issue ID: 1231698

Description: display-capture (permission policy)

Component: Blink>GetDisplayMedia

Original link:…

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