New virus — strengthening blackmail virus prevention


Notice on strengthening blackmail virus prevention

Blackmail virus, is a new type of computer virusMail, Trojan horse, web page hanging horseIn the form of. This virus uses various encryption algorithms to encrypt files. Infected people generally can’t decrypt. They must get the decrypted private key before they can crack it.
Latest case: one in Wenzhou, Zhejiang ProvinceSupermarket stored value card management systemAttacked by “bitcoin blackmail virus”, all databases in the system are locked and the system cannot be used. At the same time, an English document appeared in the victim system, the file name was translated as “how to decrypt my file”, the content of the file was translated as “pay 0.042 bitcoins within 24 hours”, and attached with overseas email address and bitcoin collection address.
Blackmail virus prevention tips:
1. Use complex passwords. The password shall be a combination of large and small letters, numbers and special symbols, and the length shall not be less than 10 bits. At the same time, enable the login failure locking policy and change the password regularly.
2. Different equipment and systems use different passwords to avoid the tragedy of “one computer is occupied and the whole network is paralyzed”.
3. Important data shall be backed up regularly. Special mobile hard disk and storage can be used for backup, and the backup products are isolated from the network.
4. Timely repair system vulnerabilities, and do not ignore the security patches of various common services.
5. Close unnecessary services and ports, such as 135, 139, 445, 3389 and other high-risk ports.
6. Strictly control the permissions of shared folders and shared data, and restrict the access of source addresses and specific accounts.
7. Improve security awareness, do not click unfamiliar links, email attachments from unknown sources, strangers through instant messaging software. The files sent shall be scanned before clicking or running, and the software shall be downloaded and installed from a safe and reliable channel as far as possible.
8. Install professional anti-virus software and enable real-time monitoring and interception function to check and kill viruses in the whole disk every week.
9. Application software shall be updated in time; Uninstall the remote management tool in time after use.
10. In case of unclear virus risk, cut off the network immediately and check and kill it completely.
Note: in case of blackmail virus, timely inform the IT security center of the group headquarters and report to the local network security

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