New TXT Documents in Mac System and the Solution to Error Code


Friends who use MAC may have the question that the powerful text editor under MAC system can not save the commonly used TXT format? Or open the TXT file saved on Windows, there will be such a problem (as shown below), so the editor specifically to share with you the solution.

Create TXT manuscripts

This is what we usually do when we open the MAC text editor

Pressshift⇧+command⌘+TThis will become the following situation

Actually, the shortcut is“menu”–“Format”Options“Making plain text” Keyboard shortcut. At this point, the TXT format is stored again.

If you want to create a new text by default is plain text format (txt), then you need the text editor’sPreference Settings“Inside

Choice“New manuscripts” Label, in“Format”Choose from Options“Pure text” Format. So the next time you create a new text, the default is plain text format (txt), without switching by pressing the shortcut key.

The problem of scrambling:

Is it a matter of file encoding, or is it in a text editor?“Preference Settings” Inside, choose“Open and saveStore” Label, change the encoding in the red box below to Chinese encoding.

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