New skills of campus love: Assistant Manual of smart piano room


New skills of campus love: Assistant Manual of smart piano room

“The most beautiful is not a rainy day, but the eaves that once escaped the rain with you…” these days, this song has been echoing in my mind. I remember that Jay Chou was attracted by the piano music played by GUI lunmei, and finally pushed the door in, with four eyes opposite… This is where the dream began.

New skills of campus love: Assistant Manual of smart piano room

Campus, music, piano… Can always remind people of fresh campus love story, especially between Ye Xianglun and Lu Xiaoyu. In the end, ye Xianglun gives up everything for Lu Xiaoyu, goes back to the past, changes the future, and makes people feel a trace of regret in the seemingly perfect ending… Ye Xianglun knows the “secret” too late, but Lu Xiaoyu keeps playing the piano and passing through in order to let Ye Xianglun see her, and finally causes asthma because of fatigue. Finally, although Ye Xianglun went back to the past and met Lu Xiaoyu, it’s a pity that he didn’t love Lu Xiaoyu.

If so, the piano room has automatic recording function, which can display the status information of the piano room, operating user information and current user information in real time. Maybe this is another story. On the first side, ye Xianglun knew who was playing in the piano room. Then he realized Lu Xiaoyu’s identity and the “secret” behind her. Finally, they overcame difficulties and lived together. Happy Ending.

Demand for smart piano room

At present, the construction of smart campus is in full swing. For some classrooms that need to be reserved, such as piano room and study room, it is still in the management mode of manual registration or simple access control management, which is far from intelligent management. The traditional way of management brings about the following problems:

  1. The allocation of piano room resources: unable to set the attributes and permissions of piano room, unable to dynamically allocate piano room, resulting in low efficiency of resource use of piano room;
  2. Students can’t know the current usage of the piano room: students can’t know the current resource usage of the piano room in real time, so they need to spend time consulting the Management Office of the piano room;
  3. The school can not grasp the use of the piano room: the school can not know each student’s piano practice, the teacher’s class situation, etc., data statistics and flexibility can not be carried out;
  4. Other problems: for example, some students will be equipped with keys without permission, the piano room can not automatically alarm when there is a fire, and the security of the piano room is poor, etc.

Smart piano room is an important part of smart campus. If the smart piano room can be deployed, the progress of smart campus will be a big step forward~

Smart piano room solution

Graffiti intelligent launched the smart piano room solution, and the solution architecture is as follows:

New skills of campus love: Assistant Manual of smart piano room

Based on the Android, IOS, applet and other multi terminal SDKs provided by graffiti, the smart piano room can be built by combining various category extension and function extension SDKs with gateway, door magnet, intelligent door lock and intelligent IPC, which is suitable for the management of piano room in Colleges and universities, multi-functional classroom reservation, organization open piano room management, etc.

In this solution, it can directly support remote door opening, temporary password door opening and piano room status viewing. At the same time, based on the provided SDK, developers can also develop piano room reservation management, message announcement, piano room fault repair, member system and so on.


“Ubiquitous network learning, integrated and innovative network scientific research, transparent and efficient school administration, rich and colorful campus culture, convenient and thoughtful campus life. In short, we should build a safe, stable, environment-friendly and energy-saving campus. ” Zhejiang University

As a part of the smart campus, the smart piano room can see the big from the small, and let the smart piano room record the beautiful campus.

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