New domain name of Taobao NPM mirror station


Taobao NPM mirror station(’s front-end community has been running a simple mirror service in 2014, and it has been just a year since NPM started to give back to the outside world. Referring to the way of ruby gems Taobao image, I applied for with Alibaba open source organization Org, and the name of the mirror site is naturally named Taobao NPM mirror site (hereinafter referred to as cnpm).

Cnpm is divided into registry origin station and cli command line. Community users generally connect the former through NPM / pnpm / yarn to speed up the download of NPM package.

Image source:New domain name of Taobao NPM mirror station

As shown in the figure above, from 2014 when cnpm officially provided services to today, NPM packages have increased from 100000 to 1.78 million, and cnpm packages have been downloaded from 100 million to 20 billion (excluding Alibaba and other private sources).

It is not modest to say that cnpm has witnessed the vigorous development of domestic front-end in the past eight years. In the future, we hope to continue to accompany China’s front-end developers.

PS: Although most of the core participants come from large domestic factories, cnpm itself is a neutral public welfare project, and the huge daily operation and maintenance costs come from community donations.

New departure

With the vigorous development of the front end, the data volume and content complexity of NPM packets are still accelerating. The architecture of cnpm in that year has been difficult to meet the current situation.

In order to provide a more stable, secure and compliant image service, we launched the optimization of cnpm this year:

Start a new domain name.
Registry is fully restructured to improve stability and reduce synchronization failure rate.
CLI optimization, improve installation speed and eliminate compatibility problems caused by soft connection.
Precipitated from the user experience Manual of enterprise class large-scale applications.

Many developers should have found that visiting Taobao NPM will automatically 301 jump to npmmirror Com new domain name, which is our domain name registered and filed independently.

Web site:
Registry Endpoint:

As the new domain name has been officially launched, the old domain name will be out of service from 0:00 on May 31, 2022. (I hope you know, pass it on to your front-end partner)

All developers who strongly rely on the old domain name are kindly requested to update to the new domain name as soon as possible. Enterprise users may also need to contact the network management / it / SRE to update the firewall white list. If you are using the CLI command line tool of cnpm, we will replace them all and release a new version. You only need to reinstall the patch version of the version you are using.

We know that it is a very bad experience to change the domain name and stop supporting the old domain name, but in order to meet the compliance operation requirements of the website and continue to operate for a longer time, we finally made the decision to change the domain name and say sorry again.