New childhood fairy tale [139] little prince 32 — I planted this tree


Pain makes people sober. Everything in life originally depends on themselves. The mercy of others can’t win a better future.

A petite thief said, “this time… I planted the tree and this time… I opened the road. If you want to buy the road money this time… ·························································································

Another tall thief who blocked the way met: “yes… Yes… Yes… Yes, brother!”

“You don’t… you don’t… you have to learn from me…” The little man scowled at the big man.

“Dada dada… Brother, i… didn’t… Learn from you!” The big man looked at the little man with innocent eyes.

The little man jumped and reached out and patted the big man on the head, “you… You… Are… Learning!”

“I am wronged, brother!” The big man touched his head with his left hand without carrying a knife.

“You’re here now… Like this… Just JOJO…” The little man looked at the big man with a satisfied look of ‘that’s it’.

The little prince, rubbing his head, craned his neck and looked at the combination of road blockers in the comedy outside. Isn’t the robbery in the book taken into reality?

Secluded groves, walking alone, looking at very broiler pedestrians, robbery tools blocking the road, robbery combination of mentally retarded, classic prologue.

The little prince’s face faintly showed excitement, an inexplicable excitement that no adjective can describe.

Wang Da looked at the inexplicably excited master strangely. He seemed to ask in a low voice. Everyone present could hear the tone and said, “young master, we have been robbed.”

“I know!” The little prince answered in a perfunctory tone and continued to stare at the big man and the small man.

“Yes, yes… We robbed a lot!” The little man spoke proudly.

“Yes, we robbed!” The big man repeated.

“No, no… no… you repeat!” The little man gave the big man another white eye.

“You don’t understand. This is a classic passage in the book. This quiet grove is most vulnerable to robbery, and we will be saved by heroes, which is in line with the ups and downs of the story. Therefore, don’t worry and fear, they need to worry and fear.” The little prince looks forward to looking around. When will the hero who saved him appear?

“I think you were brainwashed by Mr. storyteller in the teahouse!” Wang Da said.

“How can you talk? You don’t respect other people’s careers!” The little prince then said to the big man and the small man, “you continue to say your lines.”

“Stage… Word?”

“Yes, do you want money or life? Hand over all your valuable things, what and so on?” The little prince tried to recall the plot expression in the book.

“You… You… You rob… My… Words?” The little man stammered.

“If you rob my big brother.”

“No, no… no… you repeat!” The little man gave the big man another white eye.

The big man looked at the little man with a look of fear.

“Ah… I… i… I don’t have… Money, i… great Xia, spare your life… The little prince began to perform with his pompous acting skills.