New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service: “Yanxi” appears in the 2020 JDD conference of Jingdong


New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service:

“The meaning of the words, the heart has a soul”, the implied words evoke resonance like a soul, showing the perfect realm of people to people communication, and also coincides with the “emotional, warm” Jingdong intelligent customer service.

On November 25, at JD discovery-2020 JD global technology Explorer conference, the brand name of JD smart customer service “Yanxi” was officially released. This intelligent emotional customer service system independently developed by Jingdong Zhilian cloud takes interaction as the core and technology as the tentacle to create an end-to-end intelligent customer service solution with high EQ, personalization and full link, so as to realize the customer service experience of “heart has soul”.

Qiansheng: 24-hour online customer service

“Hello, Jingdong customer service 46238, glad to serve you. What can I do for you?”

New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service:

The original single channel telephone customer service is transformed into Omni channel “artificial + intelligent” customer service, and the customer service mode realizes digitization and intellectualization.

This life: intelligent customer service without asking

In order to fully understand human voice and text, and make artificial level feedback. In 2017, Jingdong intelligent customer service platform was launched.

Based on the leading full stack self-developed AI technology, JD intelligent customer service can not only complete the whole process closed-loop service with high quality, but also has the characteristics of “knowing, walking and caring”. It can carry out multimodal emotional interaction and predict the user’s intention through the whole link core service node data, massive historical sessions and other information, combined with fine-grained user emotion recognition technology, Let users really feel the “prophet without asking”. At the same time, it can judge the situation and complexity of the dialogue, seamlessly connect to the human customer service, and realize the effect of human-computer cooperation.

New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service:

During this year’s 11.11, Yanxi platform has served 320 million customers, an increase of 181% compared with last year’s 11.11. Jingxiaozhi received more than 5.47 million person times on the same day. During the promotion period, it has provided 84.32 million person times of consulting services and shopping guidance services, an increase of 200% compared with last year’s 11.11.

The future: more intelligent human computer interaction

The arrival of “Yanxi” makes the customer service system from the traditional “human intensive” to a new stage of “technology intensive” and artificial integration development, and becomes the transformation from “cost center” to “value center”, so as to build an intelligent win-win ecological environment for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service:

Take the live delivery of retail industry as an example“ “Yanxi” is based on the commodity knowledge mapping technology, commodity selling point automatic mining technology and multi-modal digital content generation technology developed by JD Zhilian cloud. It automatically generates personalized scene copywriting, matches TTS and background music with live language style for 100 million grade commodities of JD, and combines with virtual anchor and automatic shopping guide technology to create a one-stop, multi-modal, multi-modal and multi-modal digital content The 7 * 24-hour, year-round AI live broadcasting system turns live broadcasting into a truly large-scale retail business.

With the start of the digital economy button, “Yanxi” will enter into the pulse of business organizations in an all-round way, helping traditional enterprises move towards the fast lane of digital intelligence transformation. As the core export channel of technology and services of Jingdong group, Jingdong Zhilian cloud will continue to give play to its technological advantages, bring more possibilities for the transformation and upgrading of industrial digital intelligence, and write a new chapter in the future of digital intelligence.

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New brand of Jingdong intelligent customer service: