Netease strictly selects cases | the peak value of single order increases by 10 times, with millisecond level processing, and the canoe helps to develop e-commerce must kill skills


Enterprise digital case phase I

Promote the transformation of enterprises in all walks of life with the power of technological innovation

Let’s talk about the things behind the digitization of industry benchmarks

Netease strictly selects cases | the peak value of single order increases by 10 times, with millisecond level processing, and the canoe helps to develop e-commerce must kill skills

Recently, Netease’s strict selection of a series of actions left a deep impression. The fourth anniversary has just come to an end,During this period, 400 million consumption coupons were launched, and more than 600 quality new products were launched in one breath, and Lao Luo’s live show with goods was even more popular

During the earlier spring festival, Netease strictly selected suppliers and increased the production of epidemic prevention materialsFree access channel for epidemic prevention products online at the first timeIt has become the first e-commerce platform to support the epidemic prevention, helping more than 200000 users in total. In March, Netease was selected strictlyGovernment guaranteed supply channel for small and micro enterprises, open 200000 masks to purchase every day to help enterprises return to work and production.

Netease strictly selects cases | the peak value of single order increases by 10 times, with millisecond level processing, and the canoe helps to develop e-commerce must kill skills

These not only require Netease to strictly select, keep the e-commerce industry with more promotions and rich activities, but also respond quickly in emergencies. How is this done?

Netease strictly selects pain points & needs:

  1. Promotion frequency increased, large-scale promotion flow increased, the systemRequirements for overall stability and expansion and contraction speedHigher
  2. The e-commerce business is changing rapidly with rich demand,Version iteration is accelerated and R & D efficiency is requiredHigher
  3. During the event, if there is a problem in the system, and the system fails toFast positioning and resolution, which may affect the effect of the activity

Netease strictly selects cases | the peak value of single order increases by 10 times, with millisecond level processing, and the canoe helps to develop e-commerce must kill skills

01How to stabilize the flow army in the promotion of e-commerce?

According to relevant statistics, e-commerce enterprises have about 86 sales promotions every year. Take Netease’s strict election as an example. Several big promotions, such as the 4.11 anniversary, double 11 promotion, and black five promotion, are all important moments. And for the technical team, the most important thing isStable and stable + expansion and expansionYes.

In order to ensure the stability of the system during these activities and deal with the flow army, Netease has done the following three things in advance with the help of light boat micro service:

introduceCanoe container cloudTo realize the containerization capabilities of business microservices deployment, scheduling, capacity expansion and reduction. All business services have high availability capabilities such as health check and downtime pull-up. Even if part of the business is abnormal in large traffic scenarios such as large promotion, it can be timely monitored and quickly pulled up, and the overall stability is significantly improved. Before that, the business was deployed and operated based on virtual machine mode, which lacked the ability of dynamic expansion and reduction, scheduling and deployment.
introduceKafka MiddlewareTo implement containerized distributed message middleware. From the previous deployment of distributed message middleware suite with physical machine, it needs half an hour of manual operation and maintenance to expand the capacity to only a few minutes. At the same time, it has the capacity of dynamic expansion and reduction and certain automatic operation and maintenance ability.
With the help ofRocketmq Middleware, realize containerized distributed message middleware, rapidly deploy rocketmq suite with one click, expand the capacity from manual operation and maintenance to automatic operation and maintenance, accelerate the time to a few minutes, and have the self operation and maintenance ability of master-slave switching and fault recovery. In addition, a unified queue console is provided to standardize access management and use.

Take double 11 in 2019 as an example. That day, Netease’s single peak value increased 10 times year-on-year, still achieving millisecond level processing. In the first hour of the event, the total number of orders increased by 215% year-on-year. With the help of the flexible scalability built by kubernetes based on the light boat micro service,Netease’s strict selection successfully carries the flow army and guarantees the service quality

It not only helps to complete the task, but also makes the best use of resources and costs. Before and after the promotion, there are more machine scheduling. Through the capacity expansion and reduction of containers, Netease strictly selects resources, and can quickly recover resources, greatly improving the utilization rate of resources,Save nearly 50% of resource cost

At the same time, the container supports the shared deployment mode, which is compared with the physical machine deployment under the same performance20% increase in resource utilization。 Through the containerized distributed message middleware, the capacity can be expanded only by modifying the configuration. Compared with manual operation in physical machine mode, this greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost and complexity.

02Adapt to the accelerating trend of e-commerce operation iteration and increase business delivery by 5 times

With a new product launched in a few days and an upgraded version a few weeks ago, it is not new for Netease, a 4-year-old, to be strictly selected. Version updating and activity iteration are accelerating day by day, and the requirements for R & D delivery are also increasing rapidly. In this regard, Netease yanxuan also made early deployment through the light boat micro service:

CanoeDevops solution for Netease strict selection based on container cloud and codepipelineThe container deployment mode is adopted to build an efficient and continuous software R & D pipeline, and the business delivery efficiency is increased by 5 times, which greatly meets the requirements of high-speed iteration in operation activities.
At the same time, throughSplit services, and passed theNon intrusive light boat service gridTo achieve a high degree of decoupling between business and infrastructure, Netease strict selection can greatly improve the efficiency of business iteration under the heterogeneous technology stack.

03 fault location speed is fast, support service is available, escort for buy buy buy

In addition to new products, big promotion, Netease’s strict selection of all kinds of special, leak, limited time purchase, member welfare, also has been in the circle. If there is no effective fault location and resolution mechanism, once there is a problem, the user experience will be greatly reduced. In this regard, it is natural that we should not fight unprepared battles

useLight boat Distributed Link Tracking Platform, 10 minutes to quickly locate which service has problems, and the fault location efficiency is increased by more than 2 times.
useLightboat service grid and API gateway components based on cloud native directionThrough the current limiting and fusing service governance capabilities, even if some pages have problems, it will not affect the overall normal use of app. Depending on the operation and maintenance of Qingzhou middleware, simple faults can be self-healing while maintaining business continuity.
introduceQingzhou middleware MySQL RDSIt provides complete lifecycle management of MySQL group replication cluster, automatic fault monitoring and repair capability and flexible alarm configuration. At the same time, it also provides read-write separation, horizontal read expansion, regular data backup and multi data center deployment capabilities to maximize service availability and data security.

introduceRedis Middleware, can realize the whole life cycle hosting of redis cluster, realize creation, configuration change, version update, expansion and reduction, and automatic recovery of exceptions, and provide flexible alarm configuration. Provide multi data center support and accelerate business access speed to maximize service availability.

Wang Guoyun, head of Netease

As a phenomenal brand e-commerce, Netease’s business has been growing rapidly through the continuous upgrading and innovation of technology and efficient integration of supply chain since its birth four years ago.

Since 19 years ago, in order to make our business more agile, more efficient and more stable, Netease strictly embraces the original cloud. Relying on the accumulation of Netease lightboat micro services in the fields of containerization, Devops and microservices, Netease has smoothly completed the cloud upgrading, and has comprehensively improved the delivery capacity, operation and maintenance diagnosis ability, service governance ability, pressure test and fault drill ability.

Netease strictly selects digital case related products: Qingzhou microservice, Qingzhou middleware Kafka, RDS, redis, rocketmq.

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