Netease smart enterprise won two awards of “2021 global new economy Excellence Achievement Award”


Recently, the “2021 global future science and Technology Conference and annual global new economy Excellence Achievement Award Ceremony” organized by iimedia research was grandly held in Guangzhou. The list of “2021 global new economy Excellence Achievement Award” was officially announced at the scene. Netease’s one-stop enterprise service provider Netease intelligence enterprise won two awards, among which Netease intelligence enterprise won the “enterprise with the most investment value in 2021”, and Netease Yunxin, an integrated communication cloud service expert under Netease intelligence enterprise, won the “2021 best integrated communication innovation application platform”.

Netease smart enterprise won two awards of

“2021 global new economy Excellence Achievement Award” focuses on new technology, new consumption and new capital. Based on the dimensions of investment value, technology and innovation ability, market share and industry reputation, AI media consulting excavates outstanding products, brands, enterprises and investment institutions through AI media big data decision-making and intelligent analysis system, combined with a large number of Internet users’ voting and comprehensive evaluation of authoritative expert think tanks.

After public voting, expert re evaluation, and then to the final evaluation, the two awards won by Netease smart enterprise this time prove the high recognition of Netease smart enterprise by the market, and also the best embodiment of Netease smart enterprise and its Netease Yunxin brand value and technical strength.

Netease smart enterprise: “the enterprise with the most investment value in 2021”

Netease smart enterprise won two awards of

A little step makes a thousand miles. Netease smart enterprise was selected as the “enterprise with the most investment value in 2021” not by virtue of one-time force. The reason why Netease smart enterprises won the award is to take advantage of the wind of the track, accumulate the momentum of products, and lay out a forward-looking situation.

1、 Industry prospects, track potential.

It is recognized in the industry that the enterprise service track is very popular. Under the macro background of China’s vigorous industrial upgrading, as an important support for the landing of industrial Internet, enterprise service has entered a golden age of development.

In 2021, when opportunities and challenges coexist, Netease smart enterprises adhere to innovation for ingenuity, continuously upgrade core technologies, continuously enrich product matrix, give full play to their advantages, deeply cultivate the industry and enrich ecological resources. Such Netease smart enterprises run out of the “acceleration” of innovation and development in the hot enterprise service track.

2、 Product advantages, time verification.

The three business segments of Netease smart enterprise – Netease Yunxin, Netease shield and Netease cloud business are products built by relying on Netease’s 24-year technology precipitation, and are introduced to the market after being verified by a variety of 100 million daily life products within Netease, which can stand the test of time.

 Netease smart enterprise won two awards of

Taking Netease Yunxin as an example, as the earliest instant messaging platform in the industry that can carry 100 million daily activities, Netease Yunxin ranks first among similar enterprises in China in terms of daily activities, number of covered terminals and message distribution. In addition, it ranks first in the industry in the field of audio and video. In this selection, it won the “2021 best integrated communication innovation application platform”. As of October, Netease Yunxin had helped 1.2 million enterprise developers send 160 billion pieces of information, covering more than 18.6 billion smart terminal SDKs.

Another example is Netease Yidun, which covers three fields: content security, business security and mobile security. As a leading digital content risk control service provider in China, Netease Yidun leads the industry with historical data. In 2020 alone, Yidun detected 411.6 billion data, identified 42.5 billion harmful information, newly refined 1.2 billion harmful information features, detected 10 billion times of anti cheating, and the identification accuracy of anti cheating malicious acts was more than 99%.

Netease cloud business, as a one-stop business growth service platform under Netease smart enterprises, takes intelligence as the core, relies on Netease’s AI, big data and other technologies precipitated for more than 20 years, as well as the experience accumulated in e-commerce, new retail, automobile, home decoration and other industries, makes marketing more intelligent, and drives the continuous optimization and iteration of marketing strategies and actions with data, Finally, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

3、 Foresee the future and lay out in advance.

The ultimate enterprise service must be convenient, one-stop and people-oriented, which requires in-depth understanding of the pain points of the industry and in-depth integration between products.

Netease smart enterprises have started to layout for a long time, and “security link” is one of the products of the layout. It integrates the core technical capabilities of Netease Yunxin and Netease Yidun, and can realize the integrated and rapid access of two APIs. One background and one system can solve the two major problems of content transmission and security detection at one stop. It is widely applicable to IM, RTC, live on demand and other scenarios. While improving efficiency, it greatly reduces the communication cost caused by the need for content security detection.

Netease Yunxin: “2021 best integrated communication innovation application platform”

Netease smart enterprise won two awards of

As an expert in converged communication cloud services under Netease smart enterprise, Netease Yunxin began to layout the converged communication field as early as 2015.

Narrow sense integration can be understood as the integration of various communication technologies, such as Im, RTC, 5g message platform, SMS, audio and video call, etc; In a broad sense, fusion should include all technologies and scenarios that can be fused. In Netease Yunxin, integration is not limited to the former.

Based on IM + RTC, Netease Yunxin has done a lot of integration exploration, including:

  • Integrating the technical capabilities of Netease Yunxin and Netease Yidun, Netease smart enterprise “security link” has been released to solve the two major problems of content transmission and security detection in one stop;
  • The integration of RTC and operator capabilities has launched Netease Yunxin high connection scheme to improve the call connection rate of users and enable customers to increase their income;
  • The integration of RTC and self-developed AI beauty creates Netease Yunxin one-stop video beauty products to achieve the best beauty performance and beauty effect under different RTC scenes;
  • ……

Moreover, in the face of the challenges of accelerating innovation and game change, intensifying industry competition, limited IP resources and weak product growth, Netease Yunxin will integrate resources and launch the “integrated communication + ∞” unlimited integration plan, focusing on the two cores of user experience and enterprise growth, based on IM and RTC and focusing on technical capabilities and commercial resources, Provide higher value-added integrated communication services for enterprise customers in all walks of life. The plan includes two sections: “integrated communication + unlimited technology” and “integrated communication + unlimited business”.

Netease smart enterprise won two awards of

“Converged communication + unlimited technology”It means that Netease Yunxin encapsulates complex technologies at the bottom and provides customers with simple and easy-to-use interfaces, just like Lego modules, so that customers can build and innovate at the top, so as to accelerate the value transformation and innovation rhythm of products.

“Converged communication + unlimited business”It means that Netease Yunxin provides users with rich and diverse business resources, such as third-party small game licensing, music copyright, popular game IP, etc., to solve the problem of enterprise resource mining and help enterprises broaden business possibilities.

For a long time, Netease smart enterprises and its products are committed to enabling customers’ endogenous growth with continuous technological innovation. Innovation, practice, optimization and expansion… Cycle after cycle. This award is not only an affirmation of Netease smart enterprise and its Netease Yunxin, but also a witness to its continuous progress towards excellence. In the future, Netease smart enterprises will continue to explore, make full use of the technical advantages, integration value and practical experience of their products, deeply insight into the needs of the industry, actively help customers increase income, industry innovation and industrial upgrading, and create a new benchmark for enterprise service.