Netease lightboat service grid product upgrade, fully embrace the next generation of micro Service Technology


Business upgrading is inseparable from the upgrading of the underlying architecture. As more and more enterprises regard digitalization as their strategic goal, micro service architecture has become the cornerstone of enterprise digital transformation and upgrading strategy. However, the complexity of the system and interaction brought by microservices has deterred many traditional enterprises.
For this reason,Qingzhou microservice launched service mesh platform based on open source istio, providing complete microservice life cycle management, traffic management and non-invasive service governance solutions, supporting service governance functions such as fusing, degradation, flow control, load balancing, fault tolerance, advanced routing, etc. at the same time, it breaks away from the shackles of service development framework and development language, and helps enterprises transform microservice architecture rapidly.
As early as last year’s Netease cloud Creation Conference, Qingzhou microservice has released the commercialization of service grid, and has carried out large-scale production environment practice in NetEase.After more than half a year of tempering, based on the actual production needs of users, the light boat service grid has carried out a number of product improvements, forming six advantages and five application scenarios.

What are the differences among the six advantages?

  • Unified management and control of service grid and microservices:The unified microservice management console realizes the unified management of microservice frameworks such as spring cloud, Dubbo and service grid. By unifying the microservice model, users can smoothly migrate the existing microservice architecture to the service grid;
  • Performance Optimization:Aiming at the problem of increasing delay caused by introducing sidecar into the data plane, the self-developed network acceleration component of Qingzhou service grid continuously optimizes the data plane, and reduces the service delay by more than 100% compared with the open source solution;
  • Core components can be maintained:As the core component of service grid, the maintainability of sidecar is very important. Lightboat service grid realizes sidecar hot upgrade, which avoids the potential risk of new components on business and reduces the upgrade cost of traditional microservice framework;
  • End to end observability:It supports non-invasive monitoring data acquisition and real-time acquisition of node health status, link health status, traffic information, abnormal response, timeout response and other monitoring information. At the same time, it supports multi-dimensional data aggregation and presents multi-dimensional monitoring data for users to meet the needs of different roles for service monitoring;
  • Heterogeneous fusion of container and non container:Support containerized and non containerized deployment, break the limitation of “partial branch” container of open source version of service grid, and support the application to adopt flexible resource deployment mode;
  • Flow dyeingIt supports the dyeing of any request traffic, realizes the traffic call chain control, and solves the traffic control problems in the scenarios of service gray publishing and multi environment deployment.

The service grid can be used in five scenarios without having to push it over again

Lightboat service grid will also be applied to the five scenarios of enterprise microservice architecture to perfectly solve the problems of architecture upgrading and maintenance encountered by traditional enterprises in the process of digital transformation.

Smooth upgrade of microservice architecture

Netease lightboat service grid product upgrade, fully embrace the next generation of micro Service Technology

For enterprises that have implemented microservices based on spring cloud and Dubbo, upgrade the service-oriented gridThere’s no need to pull it down and start again

[Qingzhou microservice] realizes the unified management of microservice frameworks such as spring cloud, Dubbo and service grid, and effectively guarantees the investment of enterprises in system architecture. Enterprises can use spring cloud, Dubbo and service grid at the same time. The first mock exam model can help enterprises to upgrade their micro service architecture to service grid and evolve to the mainstream technology architecture.

Service aware access microservice governance capability

In the process of traditional microservice architecture transformation, there is often the problem of business code intrusion. The light boat service grid can realize the micro service solution without code intrusion, and developers only need to focus on business developmentThe application can be connected by simple configuration

For online applications, the lightboat service grid also provides sidecar injection and thermal upgrade functions,No need to stop businessThe access and upgrade of microservice governance capability can be realized.

Netease lightboat service grid product upgrade, fully embrace the next generation of micro Service Technology

Multiple service governance capabilities to cope with sudden traffic

As a result, every enterprise has to deal with the problem of rapid growth of Internet traffic.

The traditional solution is to control the entrance flow, but it can’t solve the problem of individual component abnormity and the avalanche of the whole system caused by large-scale traffic. The light boat service grid provides current limiting, fusing, fault tolerance and other service governanceEffectively ensure the normal operation of key services and reduce the occurrence probability of systemic risk

Complex system microservice scenario

The more complex the enterprise’s business, the higher the maintenance cost after the system microservice transformation. On the one hand, with the increase of services, the problem positioning is often across multiple services, which makes it more difficult; on the other hand, in the process of system upgrade, there are many gray versions, complex multi version deployment, and serious resource waste, which will lead to micro service dependency, problem location, troubleshooting, multi version deployment, etc Questions.

With the built-in positioning tools such as full link tracking and associated troubleshooting in the light boat service grid, you canLocate exception quickly。 The traffic coloring function of the light boat service grid enables users to deploy only grayscale version services and share common services,It greatly simplifies the resource consumption problem in multi version coexistence scenarios

Netease lightboat service grid product upgrade, fully embrace the next generation of micro Service Technology

Secure access between microservices

After the system microservice transformation, the access between many microservices needs effective security mechanism, which is particularly important in banking and other financial industries.

Light boat service gridIt provides MTLs mutual authentication and RBAC access control functionIt provides a strong guarantee in network communication and operation authority control.

Compared with the original istio, it is more optimized in four dimensions

Netease lightboat service grid product upgrade, fully embrace the next generation of micro Service Technology

At present, service mesh has been officially launched. Welcome to the official page of Netease lightboat micro service for in-depth understanding.

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