Netease cloud letter free to send bitcoin!


Netease Yunxin announced the launch of “recommend customers to send bitcoin” activity. During the activity, new customers who recommend to buy Netease Yunxin’s designated products for the first time will be rewarded with bitcoin. 0.02 bitcoin will be awarded for recommending the first new customer, and 0.03 bitcoin will be awarded for recommending each new customer.

Netease cloud letter free to send bitcoin!

The designated products for this activity are Netease cloud im instant messaging and audio and video call products. Netease Yunxin im instant messaging products enable each app to quickly launch private chat, group chat and chat room functions in one day, support 100 million level concurrency, and support super large group chat for 10000 people; Netease cloud audio and video call products can be accessed with three lines of code, and app can have the same voice and video functions as wechat in 30 minutes.

The activity time of “recommend customers to send bitcoin” is from March 5 to June 30, 2021. Enter the official website of Netease Yunxin or clicklink, submit the information of the recommended person or invite to register with Netease Yunxin to participate in the activity.

About Netease Yunxin:

Netease Yunxin is a stable and easy-to-use communication and video PAAS platform, which is built by Netease 21 years IM and audio and video technology. It provides core capabilities and components of integrated communication and video, including im instant messaging, 5g message platform, one click login, signaling, SMS and number privacy protection and other communication services, audio and video call, live broadcast, on-demand, interactive live broadcast and interactive whiteboard and other audio and video services, video conference and other component services. 100W + enterprise developers have access to the cloud information service.