. net core rapid development framework, PC + mobile integrated development PAAS platform


. net core rapid development framework, mainstreamSoftware system development framework, the most used business office management software and business process information system development framework. However, as a development framework, it is not only that, in fact, it is also a complete functionPAAS development platform。 It has a complete development system and development environment, a variety of inclusive and powerful development rights and development interfaces, and has a lot of features that make people feel excited

. net core rapid development framework, PC + mobile integrated development PAAS platform

1. PAAS development platform is a low code secondary development management platform, which is easy to use and can be used permanently once authorized;

2. The platform architecture is stable, safe, reliable and open source, which can easily and quickly develop various PAAS applications;

3. The platform has two languages: net core and Java, which can realize the joint management and control of office with PC + mobile phone;

4. The platform has a mobile terminal development framework, which can realize the development of small programs, apps and other mobile terminals of the business platform;

5. The platform provides perfect interface functions, independent deployment and open database design, which can realize the interconnection of all things;

6. The platform keeps up with the development trend of the times and continuously updates to meet the changing needs of enterprises;

. net core rapid development framework, PC + mobile integrated development PAAS platform

In addition, the. Net core rapid development framework and PAAS platform also have many rich application scenarios:

1. Intelligent Commerce: PAAS development platform provides the development of data analysis and processing functions, so as to create a rapid decision-making management platform and digital management system for enterprise operation;

2. Project R & D: with the help of the function development of PAAS development platform, we can create a refined management and R & D system from the project start-up, design, test, trial operation and other aspects;

3. Code generator: PAAS development platform has a powerful code generator, which allows developers to release from the repetitive and complicated code editing work, making the development easier and more labor-saving;

4. Workflow engine: PAAS development platform can develop a workflow engine that meets its own personalized needs, so that enterprises can create efficient and efficient collaborative interactive office management system;

5. Business process monitoring: PAAS development platform can create a business process monitoring system for enterprise production and operation, and realize efficient intelligent control and optimization of business process anytime and anywhere;

6. Build SaaS service: Based on PAAS development platform, developers can easily and quickly develop integrated SaaS system to realize enterprise information management innovation;

Therefore, as a powerful PAAS development platform, it not only has the mainstream. Net core development framework, but also has multi language development technology, which is more convenient for the development of platform system and software. It can achieve a variety of personalized development, can develop a variety of business systems to meet the various intelligent business development and management needs of enterprises and institutions, help enterprises to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and realize the rapid operation of enterprises.

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