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Dotnet — General Driver for Running Command Line Commands


dotnet [--version] [--help] [--verbose] [--info] <command> [<args>]


dotnetCommand Line Interface (CLI) is a general driver for the tool chain. Call it yourself and give a brief description of how to use it.

Each specific function is implemented as a command. To use this function, commands are specified indotnetLater, for exampledotnet build。 All the parameters that follow the command are their own views.

dotnetAs your only command is to run portable applications. Only one portable application DLL is specified in dotnet The application is executed after the verb.


-v, --verbose
Detailed output is available.

Print out the CLI tool version.

Print out more detailed information about CLI tools, such as the current operating system, the submitted version of SHA, and so on.

-h, --help
Print out a short list of help and current commands.

DOTNET command

Dotnet has the following commands:

  • dotnet-new

    • Initialize a C # or F # console application.

  • dotnet-restore

    • Restore the dependencies of a given application.

  • dotnet-build

    • Generate a. NET Core application.

  • dotnet-publish

    • Publish a portable or stand-alone. NET application.

  • dotnet-run

    • Run the application from source code.

  • dotnet-test

    • Run the test using a test machine specified in project. json.

  • dotnet-pack

    • Create a NuGet package for your code.


dotnet new
Initialize a. NET Core sample console application that can be compiled and run.

dotnet restore
Restore the dependencies of a given application.

dotnet compile
Compile applications in a given directory.

dotnet myapp.dll
Run a name calledmyapp.dllPortable applications.

environment variable


Major package caching. If not, it defaults to $HOME/.nuget/packages on Unix or% HOME% NuGetPackages on Windows.


Specifies the location of the service index used to share the hosts at load runtime.


Specifies whether usage data about the. NET Core tool is collected and sent to Microsoft.trueThe selected telemetry function (value is true, 1 or yes is acceptable); otherwise,false(Value false, 0 or no is acceptable). If not, the default isfalseTherefore, the telemetry function is turned on.

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